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• 2/3/2019
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• 2/2/2019

Maybe start thinking about adding Eras to the wiki?

Earthmc has changed lots since TN release, but in recent times we have seen more drastic changes. As someone who was once new to the community, Eras and epochs were very nice to look at and I think it could maybe help record EMC history better.

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• 1/11/2019

More Elaborate and Accessible Economy (may want to skip to list near bottom :)

INTRODUCTION Hello, I am very new to the server. I joined this morning. I looooove the idea of an Earth Minecraft map. Love it. Best Idea ever. Love it x1,000,000 but... I feel that it is too slow and simple. You spawn in, hope to join a town and you barely scrape by with 10 gold every few hours. I think I have a few ideas; and some other players may agree, that would really make this server a bit more exciting.

PAST TOWNY EXPERIENCE I've recently been playing on a different towny server and it was a joy. There were ranks, shops, town spawn, both private and public, home spawns, farm spawns, mobs and a pretty elaborate and interesting economy. The economy was based on a job system as well as a trade system. The trade on this server was 100% player based. Supply and demand. If the rich people wanted wheat I noticed the new guys, (including myself) would become wheat farmers. Trading goods was as simple as tp to a player, /pay ….. then receive the goods. Or players would open shops, public or private and advertise that they were buying or selling all types of goods. Very fun to complete task for people and get money for. I made a fortune making maps for people and posting them on walls. Little odd jobs like this with the reward of making money and rank made this server a blast to play on. It gave me a motive to continue to play on the server. Then out of nowhere, while at work today I thought of how fun an Earth map server would be. Sure enough I stumbled upon the EarthMC server.

FIRST EXPERIENCE Almost immediately I fell in love with it. I love the idea of a massive map with massive oceans separation continents from one another. I love exploring and going on journeys. After an hour or so of learning the server mechanics I realized the EXTREME limitations of the teleportation system. You simply could not teleport. I spawned in South East Africa, near Madagascar and embarked on a journey to reach the US east coast. After about 30 minutes of sailing I had only reached to Horn of Africa. I started realizing holy ****, this is going to take forever. So I had learned that if you joined a town you could tp there. So I joined a town in Europe, then left immediately after tp and continued towards the US. Shortly after that an American town. (Shoutout to Nashville, New France. Enoch :) had recruited me and I tp'd there. So once there I did the basic Minecraft fundamentals. I built a home, acquired the proper furnishings, obtained a renewable food source, then I hit the mines. After mining and voting I came out to about 16 gold. I had learned that gold was the servers currency and sure enough I wanted more gold. So I began offering labor and goods to others. I tried selling crops, animals, minerals. None of it worked, not even a few diamonds could get 1 gold. The person was either across the map or offering one gold. The worth of gold far exceeds anything a new player can produce. So I gave up on trade and turned to the dark side. I became a raider. I sailed to Europe (took about 45 minutes) and I tried going into towns to kill people and take the gold to flee back to US. Welllll… there's something called plot claims and No PvP zones. So Pretty much at this point I returned to Nashville and gave up. The server just turned out to be a REALLY REALLY big survival server. Limited interactions with other players. Little to no trade and no real goals or motives in mind.

DISCUSSION Now I can get to the discussion part of the deal. Here are a few ideas I think would make the server more player and noob friendly.

1. A setup spawn with instructions and directions that new players can use to familiarize themselves.

2. A more elaborate trade based economy. Allow player to tp to fellow nation mates and town mates. Introduction of shops, public and private.

3. The introduction of a public and private airport plot for a fee to owner and customers. So tp is to not be abused by players, and journeying and travelling will still be crucial to finding new frontiers.

4. A currency with less worth. Maybe introduce coin to the server. The server can have a limited amount of coin world wide. Possibly a job system where players can work for their mayors or government for payment.

5. Protected Transit System. Due to a massive map, a cheaper alternative to plot claim can be introduced to protect railways and allow nations to connect towns without worry of them being grieved. A war status could cancel such protection.

6. And lastly a rank system. This can be used to track your progression through the game. Climbing from Peasant to King can drive players to continue playing.

Reaching out to community to see what you guys think about these suggestions. If we make enough noise maybe developers will make a little change. (Don't roast me to bad) GL and HF

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