The 2nd International was founded after the collapse of the International Socialist Party (ISP) in mid-May 2019.


After the collapse of the powerful MEIPS sector of the ISP and the East Asia-ISP collapsed, the two remaining sectors, Euro-ISP and Afro-ISP had a minor split.

At the XIII Convention where Afro-ISP voted to dissolve into a more grassroots socialist party, dividing by nations and meeting in a new international body created as the successor to the ISP, the 2nd International was born. The Euro-ISP then in the XIV Convention decided, after many of its founding members were never able to log back on due to the queue, decided to dissolve likewise into national parties.


Name of Convention Central Committees in Attendance Location Resolutions
XV Convention Paris Call for All Socialist Parties to Join the 2nd Internationale
XVI Convention Hong Kong
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