First joined EMC in July of 26 in 2019.

He is a fanatic Byzantine supporter, willing to expend as much time as possible to aid it.

He lived in many places, such as :

  • Between Nicomedia and Dyrrachium. He wanted to create a town there but ultimately didn’t
  • In current claims of Philipopolis. He also wanted to make a town there, but Fritz and Echo convinced him to not do it
  • Anatolikon, He sniped it. Then he made the town one of the biggest towns in Byzantium population wise.
  • He then joined Greece, seeing a new community about to form. He joined. Creating the Town of Heliopoli which has now fallen.
  • At this time, he got a trident by accident and sold it but got scammed, only being able to retrieve 150G.Then he used the gold to make the town of Theodosiopolis.
  • Memphis, The town of Memphis first came into the mind of 32Basileios when he saw that His fellow GRE nation of Aegyptus was having a hard time dealing with Ancient Egypt. So, he set his way to Aegyptus, after reaching Aegyptus, he got funding from Kip, and using the gold he got, he made the town.
  • Yerevan, He wanted to live in the mountains again so he went the Cauca to make a town called Yerevan.

Nice people that he knows


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