BigBossBenja is a player on Terra Nova server, Dictator of Alaska, Mayor of Klondike, founder and leader of House of Habsburgs.


BigBossBenja used to be a citizen of Lyon for a very long time he then became councilor of the town, and chancellor of Burgundy (now Cuba.) After that, he formed Kazakhstan and joined the House of Uesugi. He later sold Kazakhstan for 400 gold to Krby and moved to Cascadia. He later left Cascadia, joined Cuba, left Cuba, joined Alaska, left Alaska, joined Niger, and then he got given Alaska by Incarnation__, He now resides in Klondike as the dictator of Alaska.

McMMO Ranking

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill Power
MiningSkill Mining
WoodcuttingSkill Woodcutting
HerbalismSkill Herbalism
ExcavationSkill Excavation
FishingSkill Fishing
UnarmedSkill Unarmed
ArcherySkill Archery
SwordsSkill Swords
AxesSkill Axes
TamingSkill Taming
RepairSkill Repair
AcrobaticsSkill Acrobatics
AlchemySkill Alchemy

Famous quotes

"Do the Swag"

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