32Benja is a player on Terra Nova server. Currently, he resides in Thrace, SPQR as Co-Mayor.


32Benja used to be a citizen of Lyon for a very long time. He slowly moved up the town ranks until he became councillor of the town. He played an important role in the creation of the autonomous French nation of Burgundy and worked his way up to become the chancellor of Burgundy. Eventually, he got bored of Burgundy and left to make a nation of his own. He formed Kazakhstan and was joined by Skater and Ultil0l, though they both bailed out on him. As leader of Kazakhstan, he joined the House of Uesugi. He later sold Kazakhstan for 400 gold to Krby and from then on roamed around the world: He moved to Cascadia, left Cascadia, joined Cuba, left Cuba, joined Alaska, left Alaska, joined Niger, and then he got given Alaska by Incarnation__.

McMMO Ranking

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill Power
MiningSkill Mining
WoodcuttingSkill Woodcutting
HerbalismSkill Herbalism
ExcavationSkill Excavation
FishingSkill Fishing
UnarmedSkill Unarmed
ArcherySkill Archery
SwordsSkill Swords
AxesSkill Axes
TamingSkill Taming
RepairSkill Repair
AcrobaticsSkill Acrobatics
AlchemySkill Alchemy

Famous quotes

"Do the Swag"

"Bored as fuck in class right now.... @Karl"

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