Basic Information

32EggzOnToast, also known as Eggz and Franz is an EMC player. Eggz is highly known for his frequent town change which earned him the nickname "town kangaroo" by fellow EMC player Adaster. Franz used to own the nation Hungary and he currently owns North Korea. Franz is also known for being very determined, which led his previous nation Hungary to have a war against several nations nearby and North Korea having a war against Qing.


Eggz first spawned in an unknown jungle, Eggz was invited to an unknown town in Brazil where Eggz would stay for a few days. The mayor of the town didn't play often which led Eggz to move to a new town with more active players, Eggz asked The Mayor of Shanghai to invite him to the town of Shanghai, Ming.

The Mayor accepted his request and invited Eggz to his town, the town didn't have enough active players to keep Eggz in the town, therefore he left once again. Eggz then decided to head to Finland, where he tried to make his own town. Eggz quickly realized he doesn't have enough gold and therefore asked Shanghai's Mayor to rejoin Shanghai for the time being.

A few days later Eggz finally had enough gold to make his first town - Rovaniemi, which was located in North Finland/Lapland. Rovaniemi was a nationless town, untill Eggz asked the Russian King to invite his town to the nation Russia. the King accepted Eggz's town into his nation. Finland was free of wars and drama, while many players would cherish such areas, Eggz disliked the lack of fights, therefore Eggz decided to move to another area which is more likely to meet his needs - Hiroshima.

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