Profile Information
Aliases Java, 32Java
Nation [30st February 2020 - 10th April 2020]

[3rd June - Present]

Town Tiger's Nest
Towny Rank Resident
Occupation Investor
Organization Java & Differ3nt Holdings Ltd.
Political Party Party Independents
Religion Atheism Atheist
Discord Discord Java#0326
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn November 9th, 2019
Place of Spawn Grand Canyon regions, North America
Physical Information
Nationality Canadian,

North Californian.

Gender Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Pisces Pisces
Height 5'11
Weight 159 lbs
Status Information
Status Active on Towny
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
North California,


Java is an investor and politician. He founded Java & Differ3nt Holdings Limited.

  • President of Java & Differ3nt Holdings Ltd.
  • Former Chancellor of the Canadian Empire.
  • Former Secretary-General of the British Commonwealth.


Early life

32Java joined the server for the first time on the 9th of November 2019 during the Stabilization Era.

Firstly he spawned on the west of North America, but his first town to join was Chicago, Illinois. He spent 2 weeks there.

After Illinois, he created and was managing Kaldbyen - a town in Svalbard. It was a complete washout.

Governing times

After some time his friend Differ3nt started playing EMC, who became the Head Councilor in Kaldbyen. The town was growing up very fast in size, but the population was very small.

Later he found out that he doesn't enjoy living in huge arctic mountains so he sold Kaldbyen to Milacekjsem and moved to create a town in Quebec (formerly known as Kingdom of the Laurentides) along with his friend Differ3nt. He named it Hamilton. It was a much more successful town. Java lived there and was close to people from the government.

A Short break from EMC

He was overwhelmed by the toxic community, 5 times per day crashes, broken plugin, etc. At the end of February 2020, he decided to take a break from EarthMC and he was gone until 4th April 2020.

Return of Java

He joined back Saguenay (Hamilton and the neighbouring town Alma merged into one town - Saguenay) as the councillor.

Not very long after he built his house in Saguenay, DarthValkyrian offered him Bridgeton takeover. It's the oldest city in the nation of Canada.

On 16th April he got elected to the office of Deputy Chancellor of the Parliament - in the Canadian Empire (union).

Current times

On 1st June, Java joined San Francisco in North California. He got a villa, bought a skyscraper and started a new business - Java & Differ3nt Holdings Ltd.

Political views

32Java is a Democrat.

For now, he doesn't belong to any party - he's a Party Independent.


List of 32Java's former or current residence towns:

Important People

List of most important people for 32Java:

  • Differ3nt
  • Hodin
  • Morgini_
  • DarthValkyrian
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