32Pengun, also known as Pengun78, was the first king of Aragon and is now king of Spain. Pengun reconquered Spain when it fell, and since then leads Spain


When Pengun joined the brand new server with his early access, he had a plan to make a town in Madagascar with 5 other people. Pengun later got kicked off the island for taking gold which he thought he could use


Pengun decided to move to Cyprus and form Nicosia. He told his friend 32Gold he would join his nation Arabia once it would be made. However, Byzantium took 50% of the island saying "We can't have all of Cyprus to Arabia, sorry". Pengun attempted to kill the Byzantine mayor in Cyprus but failed. 32Gold told Pengun he wanted to move, as the sand got boring to him. Pengun agreed because he wanted all of Cyprus unified, which now wasn't possible anymore.


Pengun noticed a little town called Perpignan which got disbanded, he told 32Gold they should reform Perpignan, as it would be fun living in mainland Europe. 32Gold wanted this too and they made their way to Perpignan carrying 2 cows in their boats. A Polish guy tried to kill Pengun and 32Gold but ended up only killing 1 cow. Perpignan was then formed and 32Slaid later joined them.


32Gold and Pengun also planned to make a nation someday after they made Perpignan. They discussed what nation and decided it would be Aragon. 32Gold quit, but Pengun managed to still form Aragon with 32Slaid. 32Slaid then also quit. Aragon became a poor nation with only 2 towns, which wasn't what Pengun imagined. Pengun then decided to get Mallorca and focus on expanding into Iberia. Aragon was huge, but then Spain fell. Pengun made his move and invited all Spanish towns. He then renamed Aragon to Hispania, which later became Spain. Since then he has been the king of Spain.


Pengun leads the capital of Spain called Madrid

EMC classic history

32Pengun (back then called 'pengunlol78') was a very unknown player on EMC classic. He had a town in Pakistan called Tumea (later renamed Andea). His town was next to a strong nation owner called Magenent. When Terra Nova was announced, he did not have the courage to play on classic anymore, until 32Gold (a guy he didn't know back then) asked him to make a Russian utopia with him. Since then they have stuck together(no homo) and it even led to making Perpignan together


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