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32Vache (also known in the past as VacheMeuhz and TheGoldenVache) is a player on EMC's Towny server. He joined in April 2019, discovering the server by watching Fix's Trailer on Youtube.



32Vache's spawn point was in the ocean, next to the South American continent. He spent a day travelling from there to France. He arrived at the town of Dieppe, where he met the mayor, Virus3. He joined the town, and started building a house. The mayor even gave him diamond armor to help him start nicely on EMC.

The "dream"

When he joined the server, 32Vache's goal was to create his IRL town in the server. But 64G was not easy to get. And finally, on the 4th of May 2019, he left Dieppe and created a new town, called 'Henin-Beaumont'. But around two days after this, the server economy got disabled, due to a duplication glitch, and he had gotten stuck with a 2-chunk town for a whole week.

What now ?

At the time i'm writing this page, we are at the 25th of June 2019. 32Vache is doing very well in EarthMC, and has seamlessly integrated into the server community. His town grew by 50 chunks, and 20 residents. But for now, 32Vache is getting bored. He never knows what will happen and what will he do when he connects to the server. He don't have a precise goal, apart from his desire to become a nation leader.

Nation Leader

The 10th of July 2019, 32Vache brought the nation of Zambia for 850G. He moved the nation and renamed it to South Pole (the nation which fell one month ago) with its capital in Endton.


  • Dieppe (24 of April 2019)
  • Henin-Beaumont (4 of May 2019)
  • Endton (10 of July 2019)
  • BruhTown (11 of November 2019 -> February 2020)
  • Lille (February 2020)
  • Montpellier (March 2020 -> June 2020)
  • Zaragoza (June 2020 -> December 2020)
  • Valencia (December 2020 -> Now)