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17th of September 2021

3meraldK body.png
Profile Information
Aliases emerald
Nation West Galicia.png West Galicia
Town Flag of Koszyce.png Kosice
Towny Rank King
Political Party
Discord 3meraldK#2137
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 5th of March 2019
Place of Spawn Venezuela
Physical Information
Nationality Polish flag.png Polish
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Polish Revolutionary State.png Polish State

Intermarium flag.png Intermarium
Kingdom of Poland.png Polish Kingdom
AustriaFlag.png Austria
West Galicia.png West Galicia

3meraldK is leader of West Galicia and mayor of Kosice who joined for the first time on 5th of March 2019 spawning in Venezuela, South America. He's very well known personality in Central Europe and known by older EMC players. He was also a long-serving Polish Kingdom politician but rebelled and created West Galicia, and several months later his nation reunified with Poland.


Before March

First contact with EarthMC began in 2016/2017 when he spotted an advertising on YouTube page, promoting EarthMC Classic. As he was non-premium player for several years he ignored that server until January 2019, but would enjoy playing here, unfortunately his laziness about spending money on the premium didn't allow to do that and he forgot about the server for next 2 years. In January 2019 he finally managed to purchase premium account, and two months later, on 5th of March 2019 one hour before joining the server he unpredictably saw a famous personality in his communities on dynmap, POGKPP, famous mapper in Poland, as he could contact him he instantly did it. After 30 minutes of talks and waiting until somebody leaves server because of no queue he eventually joined game for the first time, exactly at 20:30 GMT.

On EarthMC

Once spawned near Venezulean coast he decided to take trip to Poland by boat. While travelling through Atlantic Ocean he saw Bialystok's mayor online, Majoor_ (then MrBoogie). He messaged the mayor to invite him to the city but he accepted invitation once crossed the ocean. He reached northern Spain coast after 43 minutes of sailing.

After walking around Bialystok he geared up in iron, and moved to Szczecin. In Szczecin, which was day later on morning, he eventually met councillor POGKPP which gave him diamonds and got him into Polish politics and whole EarthMC world. He convinced 3meraldK to settle somewhere in Poland and 3meraldK agreed. Five days later he left city and moved southwards.

Kosice creation

So, firstly, he founded Metropol - where Krakow ruins were (today's eastern Krakow), but many were disgusted by this idea, so 3meraldK changed his mind and went more southward. And created Kosice on 11th of March 2019, bit on north from ruins of old Koszyce. Everything was going well in Kosice and Polish State, until 23th of March 2019, because of a poll from its king, Snowyy asking them to become Danish vassal. Majority disagreed and angered, left Poland and joined Intermarium. Eventually state collapsed and Kosice followed others, then - two weeks later, rejoined revived Polish Kingdom.

Polish politics

3meraldK was very active in politics, famous in Europe and hated mostly by Germans. By loyalty, brotherhood, effort shown and activeness, he was quickly promoted in the hierarchy only in one month making it to Szlachcic and then 2 months later to Magnat, so chancellor rank, in May of 2019. His politics in Poland continued until June of 2020. 3meraldK became very well known in European sphere of politics, he got into contact with many high-ranked nobles and royalties around European continent.

West Galicia

Polish foreign affairs were doing very badly, Poland was challenging many problems, had a lot of ongoing wars, multiple crises etc. 3meraldK was very annoyed by this situation because POGKPP refused to abdicate and potentially give him throne. In September 2020 he rebelled from Poland and made West Galicia.


Eventually after ten months his nation reunified with Poland, coming back to his old friends and being together, and now fairly having enough power in the federation to bring positive changes.

mcMMO skills

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill.png Power 3231 791
MiningSkill.png Mining 1022 1343
ExcavationSkill.png Excavation 678 1159
WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting 218 582
HerbalismSkill.png Herbalism 276 517
FishingSkill.png Fishing 127 1086
AcrobaticsSkill.png Acrobatics 657 428
SwordsSkill.png Swords 129 516
RepairSkill.png Repair 47 2007
ArcherySkill.png Archery 195/1020 XP
AlchemySkill.png Alchemy 50 1239
AxesSkill.png Axes 14 891
UnarmedSkill.png Unarmed 2 2014
TamingSkill.png Taming 11 230