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The HRE, formerly Hungary is both an in-game nation and a supernation. The in-game HRE is the main nation of the supernation which includes Nazi_Germany.


The HRE was formerly Hungary, originally owned by FranzFerdinand and later Ciao and puggomon. When Killorin gained ownership of the nation, he formed the Austro-Hungarian Empire together with Ratking19. The empire did not last long though, as many problems forced them to change to the Holy Roman Empire.

The HRE grew quickly due to the amassed wealth from Killorin and a governor VonApollo, gaining many towns in Austria. This greatly hurt relations between HRE and Germany which claimed Austria and also had bad relations with VonApollo, which they believed to be a traitor as he used to be in their nation along with his town.

HRE soon formed an alliance with long time allies Poland and Kalmar Union, creating the Imperial Federation, when the German Empire and Germany sent an ultimatum to HRE due to it sniping the town of Koln, they immediately declared war.

Notable Citizens and Mayors






-Ultil0l [Honorary]

-Adolf_Hitlir [Honorary]


The HRE sponsors people to make towns for them, simply join their discord and open a ticket.