Profile Information
Aliases Cory
Nation Pvr flag Perú
Town Antofagasta
Towny Rank Duke (Duchess)
Political Party N/A
Clan Nanahachi Nanahachi
Religion Atheism None
Discord Coryx17#4265
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn Jan 10th 2019
Place of Spawn Africa
Physical Information
Nationality Fl Cl Chilean
Gender ♀ Female
Blood Type 183-1839687 blood-group-b-rh-factor-negative-blood-blood O+
Zodiac Aquarius Aquarius
Height 156cm
Weight 52kg
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

78Coryx is a chilean player of Terra Nova, the Vicereine of Perú, governor of Antofagasta and co-leader of the 八 Nanahachi Clan.


The beginning of the adventurous and living legend, 78Coryx began like any other, January 10th, 2019; Since this day, 78Coryx has traveled the 5 continents and more than 20 countries around the globe accompanied by her faithful companion and right hand GameExr.
Both continue in their adventure to visit each city and nation of all the continents, and will not stop until they achieve it.
According to legend, both continue on fantastic adventures around the world, with a clear objective: Visit every corner of this limited world.

78Coryx got unfairly banned by Highlander on April 11th, 2020 for threatening to doxx a player.

McMMO Ranking

Updated 2019/12/12

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill Power 547 5398
MiningSkill Mining 289 4745
ExcavationSkill Excavation 139 5162
WoodcuttingSkill Woodcutting 9 9331
HerbalismSkill Herbalism 39 9205
FishingSkill Fishing 25 1928
AcrobaticsSkill Acrobatics 32 8057
SwordsSkill Swords 7 5371
RepairSkill Repair 7 5041
ArcherySkill Archery 0 None
AlchemySkill Alchemy 0 None
AxesSkill Axes 0 None
UnarmedSkill Unarmed 0 None
TamingSkill Taming 0 None

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