Gral kei
Profile Information
Aliases Keizap78
Nation Pvr flag Viceroyalty of Peru
Town CoA Concepcion Concepcion
Towny Rank Chancellor
Political Party N/A
Clan Nanahachi Nanahachi (Leader)
Religion Atheism None
Discord Keizap78#9539
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn November 11th, 2018
Place of Spawn Texas
Physical Information
Nationality Fl Cl Chilean
Gender ♂ Male
Blood Type 183-1839687 blood-group-b-rh-factor-negative-blood-blood A+
Zodiac Libra Libra
Height 2 Blocks
Weight Fat enough to activate an iron pressure plate
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

Keizap78 (Born 21 October 2000) is a chilean player of Terra Nova, mayor of Concepcion, leader of the 八 Nanahachi Clan, one of the founders of the old Chile, and the actual chancellor and paladin of Peru Viceroyalty.


Era4 Flooding Era

  • Keizap78 changed his name to 78Kei in order to the foundation of the new 八 Nanahachi Clan.

McMMO Ranking

Updated 2019 11/26

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill Power 4005 114
MiningSkill Mining 1035 341
ExcavationSkill Excavation 999 127
WoodcuttingSkill Woodcutting 448 24
HerbalismSkill Herbalism 389 68
FishingSkill Fishing 348 92
AcrobaticsSkill Acrobatics 347 426
SwordsSkill Swords 193 143
RepairSkill Repair 60 799
ArcherySkill Archery 53 123
AlchemySkill Alchemy 52 461
AxesSkill Axes 38 241
UnarmedSkill Unarmed 7 330
TamingSkill Taming 0 N/A

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