Currently the leader of Persia.


Reign of AD31 (March 10th, 2019 to Presentedit | edit source

Nineveh Uprisingedit | edit source

Once AD31 took the role of the ruler of Persia in March, the ambitious town of Nineveh was founded by ambitious Mayor Sargon2002 (Now: SamuelElmazi). As his town rapidly grew, the town was nearing to become the most active on EarthMC. The town slowly became arrogant over their activity and began plotting against Persia in April. Sargon2002 began contact with Greater Roman Empire (GRE) Leaders for assistance in overthrowing the crown. Nearing May, the town of Nineveh slowly died off, with Sargon and residents going inactive.

Avion / Eastern Persian waredit | edit source

In June of 2019, many tiny towns in Eastern Persia attempted to break away and create their own nation, but all were quickly shut down by the queen, AD31. The town of Avion lead by Mountzilla began breaking their loyalty to Persia to create their own state. Fed up with many other towns, the queen called in Greater Roman Empire Legionnaires to harass Avion members to join back. Bravely the queen traveled to the town without potions and was killed. While the conflict grew, many other nations grew their attention. Specifically, the nation of Somerset which had a great dislike for AD31 invested in the war against her and the nation. One thing started adding up, the AD31 learned Avion had a secret relationship with Somerset and called for assistance from them. While Somerset was traveling to reach Avion, the nation of Niger also joined the conflict. With now 3 nations battling, all of the Avion town members logged before a single could be killed. The only death was the queen, AD31 being ganged up on, chased down, and brave enough to stay even without pots. The war concluded with a victory and the mayors of Avion surrendering to Persia to give up his town to be given to the loyal Persian Nuttez.

Mesopotamia Golden Ageedit | edit source

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Uruk's Purgeedit | edit source

At end of July 2019, The leader of Uruk, Pastersnacks, had over 60 citizens at the height of Mesopotamia's Golden Age. However, he decided to turn on town taxes, which taxed all citizens in his town of their gold. If they did not have gold, though, they would be kicked from the town. This caused him to lose most if not all ciitzens, causing Persia's population to drop greatly and also ending the Mesopotamia Golden Age.

Rise and Fall of Iranedit | edit source

On January 6, 2020, waav created the nation of Iran close to the towns of Pasargadae and Shushan. Another town, AD31Fat, was created and joined the nation on the same day. However, soon after the nation was created waav left for Somerset. He left the nation to Janekia, who was banned for being an alt of Joxill soon after. When the original capital fell, the nation went to the loyal mayor of AD31Fat, Tigranes. Due to failure to find a buyer of the nation, the nation was left to fall into ruin

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