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aTerraAustralis was a fairly long standing member of EarthMC, who recently quit the server. He was formally known as "The_Pock" but changed his name towards the beginning to Terra Nova. He has not done many notable things on EarthMC, especially Terra Nova but has an okay track record.

Organisation Role Date Joined Date Left
African Union Economic Minister 12th November 2018 23rd January 2018
Olympics Committee Member From the Founding 29th March 2019
Synism High Priest ?? N/A
Exclusion "Overlord" Upon Founding Upon Disbandment
Exclusion 2 Admin Upon Founding N/A
British Government Minister of Tourism 11th July 2019 N/A


aTerraAustralis is the founder of Synism, the religion based around its deity, and server mod, Synargle. He has loyally followed the religion since the beginning, never drifting from the sacred texts.

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