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Aalborg CoA.png
Town Information
Full Name Aalborg
National Anthem None
Name in Towny Aalborg
Motto "Alt for Danmark"
Established January 4th 2021
Disbanded January 23rd 2021
Nation 2000px-Royal Standard of Denmark.svg.png Denmark
Population 20
Chunks 12
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor BobbersonFace.png Maple_d
Political System Basic Towny
Economic System Socialist/Capitalist
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

Danemark drapeau.png Danish

Official Religion Norse Pagan
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors none
Past Councillors

Aalborg was a town in northern Denmark. Owned by Maple_d.



Soon after the founding of Denmark, a town was founded over the current land known as "FortYT". It was made by MKill, and grew to about 20 chunks after falling in early 2019.


The town was orginally founded in early 2019, by zacha175. It was known as Frederikshavn, and was in Denmark, however his player data got wiped after he went inactive, and around this time, Denmark was also decaying after much of its players went to Imperial Japan.

German Control

The new mayor, pledged allegience to the German Empire, which was the start of the German invasion of Denmark. This mayor, known as Big4YaBoots, later went inactive, and the town automatically went to Nky278, who remained within Germany, and grew the town with claims and population.



The region of the town, was inhabited by "Alaburg", from nearly the beginning of Terra Nova. However, this town fell in Late December of 2020. Slesvig and Oslo both had plans to claim it over, and much to the dismay of Slesvig and Denmark, Oslo got there first.


The region became contested, as Oslo claiming this land violated a treaty they signed 2 weeks prior. Britain and Denmark talked about this, and the British king told Tomm to unclaim them. However he disagreed, and did not unclaim.


After this, the northern part of the now defunct Alaburg was left unclaimed. Maple_d, who knew Oslo planned to claim that spot for a "project" (unknown what this is), decided to leave Slesvig and quickly establish a town there. Thus Frederikshavn was born.

Battle of Frederikshavn

The town soon after being created was claimblocked by British town, Oslo. This quickly escalated to a large battle, resulting in a Stalemate/Slight British Victory depending on who you ask.


The town was renamed to Aalborg the next day. This was done due to Aalborg being a more significant city in the region irl.


After being deemed a claimblock town by mods, it got disbanded on January 23rd, 2021. The town was cleared and flattened before hand, and the region is under Oslo now.

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