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* Minister of Culture - [[vikinglegions]]
* Minister of Culture - [[vikinglegions]]

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Aberdeen is the capital city of Scotland,which is located in the Northeast of Scotland on the coast of the North Sea. It is known for it's Victorian inspired theme and it's main exports of wool and enchanting equipment. Aberdeen is home to a public blaze grinder and is planning to create a shopping district to attract visitors.


Aberdeen was founded on the 25th of January 2019. It was created to be the capital of Scotland as it would act as the industrial port where all the nations would sell their goods in local stores. The first building in Aberdeen is the Tartan Threads building built as a wool shop. As the town expanded more facilities were built such as the public blaze grinder that also acts as a public library and Aberdeen Train Station which connects to Dumfries. As Dumfries was made near to Braemar, Aberdeen found itself being surrounded by the British owned town with almost no way to expand on land. Walls were constructed effectively cornering the city to the coast, although with this being done it has resulted in Aberdeen producing significant amounts of fish.

Notable People

  • Prime Minister - Nicola_Sturgeon
  • Minister of Defence - WyWall
  • Minister of Culture - vikinglegions