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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Petty Kingdom of Acadia
National Anthem
Name in Towny Acadia
Motto "What's Poppin'?"
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Capital City Iv016 19990081 flag gulfofs.jpg St. Lawrence
Largest City
Oldest City
Established December 23, 2019
Government Information
Leader Tsusauce.png TsuSauce
Prime Minister
Political System Crown.png Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of Northamericamap.png North America
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Acadia is the reformed version of Nova Scotia after the president, NotTheRealNogle, sold it to a player known as TsuSauce. Acadia's capital is St. Lawrence. Acadia was founded 12/23/2019 1:01am PST. The people of Acadia are recognized as Acadians and the Scotianese (people of Nova Scotia) die off. The land agreement between the Acadians and the Avalonese (people of Avalon) still remain the same. Acadia remains in the Canadian Union.

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Towns & Nations
Acadia Flag Expanded.png Acadia
Avalonn.png Avalon
Flag of labrador.png Labrador
Avalonn.png Dildo
Domino's Official Flag.png Domino
Greater Québec
Maritime east coast alliance flag.png M.E.C.A
255px-Flag of Nova Scotia.svg.png Nova Scotia
Peepeeisland.jpg Pee Pee Island
Slave flag.jpg Slave


Nova Scotia Falls Into Ruins (12/22/2019)

The Deal

NotTheRealNogle plans to sell the nation of Nova Scotia to the player known as TsuSauce on 12/22/2019. Nogle doesn't wish to be president of Nova Scotia anymore as he states, "running a nation is hard asf." Nogle plans to make a town in Louisiana, which is where he's from in real life. When TsuSauce got the gold needed (650G) to buy the nation something went wrong with the transaction. Nogle accidentally disbanded the nation, thinking it could be given that way. TsuSauce and Nogle were pretty mad, so TsuSauce offered Nogle only half of the gold. The deal was finished, Nogle got his gold and made Radium in Slave and TsuSauce got St. Lawrence and kept 325 gold.

Creation of Acadia (12/23/2019)


TsuSauce mines and gathers gold for 6 hours straight. The 1024 gold is retrieved and he's ready to make the nation. TsuSauce does the command and the nation is created. Everyone says "gg" like always. The Scotianese either convert into Acadians or die off. The old Scotianese government reforms into a monarchy instead of a constitutional democracy. TsuSauce plans to remove all the buildings in the capital and remodel the whole thing. He is exited to expand and see the nation prosper. Acadia will remain in the Canadian Union. Nothing really changed from the old ways of the Scotianese, but the government. The Acadians and the Avalonese keep their land agreement to settle their relations.

TsuSauce's Reign (12/23/2019 - ?)

Capital Beautification

TsuSauce first plan after creating Acadia was to remodel the entire capital, St. Lawrence.

TsuSauce gets revealed as NoJewtsu and gets banned

Acadia waits for disbandment