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Acadians are a newer group of people that branched off from the Scotianese who originally branched of the Avalonese. They live in the towns of the nation of Acadia.


Their language is a more complex version of Scotianese. The government is expected to use this language most of the time, especially within the nation.

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New Scotianese

This language was originally spoken by the Scotianese and would later transform into modern Acadian. It was renewed and rebuilt from original Scotianese and did not resemble any form of Avalonese. The Scotianese did this so that can better differentiate themselves between them.

An example of New Scotianese thus follow:

New Scotianese: "Θε Σκοτιονεσε κρεατεδ α νεω λανγυαγε βεκαυσε θευ διδ νοτ λικε θε αυαλονεσε λανγυαγε ανυμορε"

English: "The Skotionese kreated a neō language bekause theu did not like the aualonese language anumore"

Modern Acadian

The Acadians wanted to differentiate themselves from the Scotianese. They renewed and complicated the new Scotianese language further and made it the official language of Acadia.

An example of Modern Acadian thus follow:

Modern Acadian: "យាយអ៊ឹមស្រលាញ់ភេទដូចគ្នាដូច្នេះអ្វី"

English: "Yeah I'm gay so what"