Profile Information
Nation German Samoa
Town Apia
Towny Rank Nation Leader
Occupation Governor
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 29.11.18
Place of Spawn China
Physical Information
Nationality German-Spanish (in-game)

Israeli (real)

Gender Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Server Role
Date of Ban 26.06.20
Reason Cheating including xray
Nation History

Adaster54 is the founder and the first king of the nation New-Spain and Samoa. He has also founded several other towns before such as Assur and Cape Verde. Along with New-Spain during Adaster's leadership these towns are known as the Adaster Realm. Adaster is highly known for his extremely sarcastic behavior.


Adaster54 joined at the 29th of November 2018 with a few friends who went to create a town in Falklands. Adaster54 quickly moved to make his own town - Cape Verde. After a while, Adaster54 found interest in the ancient middle eastern culture, making him to leave Cape Verde and create Assur. Adaster54 and his few friends who moved with him to Assur quickly realized that making a town in the desert doesn't fit their playstyle, therefore leading Adaster54 to move to his third town - San Francique. San Francique quickly climbed the /t list and made it's way to the top place of 50 (and sometimes even more) residents. Therefore making the town economically successful. With it's great economy, San Francique quickly became the capital city of the nation New Spain. Adaster54 sent residents from his town to make more successful towns in his nation.

At the 17th of August 2019, Adaster has officially announced he's leaving the server, passing the crown of New Spain to his friend xPadPai, who he at the time thought was the real PewDiePie.

Around a month later, Adaster returned to the server and was sent to create a colony in the islands of Samoa.

10 months after his return, Adaster was caught cheating on EarthMC after his friends who he originally joined the server with made friends with staff and accidentally told him, and was permanently banned. Thus ending the reign of king Adaster54.



  • While Adaster's age is not known for sure, it is estimated that he is around 17 years old.
  • At the time of Adaster's ban, he was only banned for 30 days, however his ban was extended after he threatened to DDoS a staff member.
  • Adaster's favourite games are Minecraft, Half Life and Tabletop Simulator, but he's admittedly not very good at any of them.
  • It is rumoured that Adaster used to be a staff team leader on Hypixel, however it has never been confirmed.
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