Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa is a town located on the horn of Africa. The town belongs to the nation of Nubia. It is also the largest town in the Horn of Africa area.


Before Addis Ababa 

The town was inhabited before modern-day Addis Ababa. Little was known about this town or nation. The only fact known about this town is that it fell on the 6/4/2019.

Modern Age

On the 13/12/2019 the town was annexed by Nubia.


Modern Addis Ababa is a sprawling town which is hoped to lead the future for Africa.


-AST (African Slave Trade), its slave trade.

Notable Buildings 

-Addis Ababa City Hall

-Addis Ababa Town gate

Notable People 

-John_of_Aus (Mayor)

-TATEJACKSON (King of Myassa)

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