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Addis Ababa

Offical Flag of Addis Ababa FlagofEthiopia.png Unofficial Flag of Addis Ababa
(More commonly used)

Town Information
Full Name City Government of Addis Ababa
National Anthem
Name in Towny Addis_Ababa
Motto The New Flower will Grow.
Established 19/9/2019
Nation Ethiopian Empire Flag.jpeg Ethiopia
Population 10 (19/6/2021)
Chunks 183
Continent Africa blank black.svg Africa
Government Information
Mayor JackJackson
Councillors Recruit4Days, John_of_Aus, Triangle_Square_
Political System
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Nubia
Past Mayors Recruit4Days, John_of_Aus, Triangle_Square_,
Past Councillors


Addis Ababa is a town located on the horn of Africa. The town belongs to the nation of Ethiopia. It is also one of the largest towns in the Horn of Africa area.


Before Addis Ababa 

Before the creation of the Modern-day Addis Ababa, there had been a previous town before which belonged to the nation of Ethiopia (Imperial). The former town was used as the basis of the creation of New Addis Ababa, with theme used in the old town being carried into the new sections of the town. The Original Addis Ababa was disbanded on the 6/4/2019.

The Creation of Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa was created by Recruit4Days on the 10/8/2020. Recruit4Days would gain many members during the first week of the town including the core three; JackJackson, Triangle_Square_ and John_of_Aus. Following the creation of the town, JackJackson and Recruit4Days were approached by Twomoo1119 asking if they would want to join Nubia. Recruit4Days would refuse saying that "he wanted to go on his own path".

Addis Ababa would expand claiming the entirety of the old Addis Ababa. A new district was created called "West Addis Ababa" mostly referred to as Western Addis, being a parody of Western Sydney due to their likeness in being "slums". Recruit4Days would recruit many residents during this period.

After refusing to join Nubia, Addis Ababa would be subjugated to many raids from Nubia which lead to the rise of anti-Nubia sentiment among the citizens of the town. Addis Ababa reluctantly joined the nation of Nubia to help growth of the town and to prevent the town from being raided.

Addis Ababa in Nubia

John_of_Aus raising the Nubian Flag over the Council Building

On 13/12/2019 the town would join Nubia and quickly expanded to 26 residents, making it the 4th largest town in the nation. Recruit4Days would step down from his leadership role after the acceptance of Nubian rule, giving the town to JackJackson to run. Expansion would be developed southwards creating an another district known as Southern Addis Ababa. JackJackson would also eventually stepped down from his leadership position, handing the town to Triangle_Square_, which quickly lost all activity under his rule. This would cause large tension between Triangle and Jackson in the future.

Nearly 3 months after being handed the town, Triangle_Square_ would buy the nation of Umayyad creating Ethiopia on the 13/03/2020. Triangle_Square_ would state that "After the raids on Addis Ababa and the current leader of Nubia, Vlad, being undemocratic, I have decided it is time for us to leave". The nation was help funded by the King of Nyasa and the President of the Congo including many United Africa officials.

Communist Addis Ababa

Triangle_Square_ would establish People's Republic of Ethiopia and the People's City of Addis Ababa. This would see little to no activity until the return of JackJackson who would disbanded the communist Government and established a Monarchy.

The Second Rise of Addis Ababa

Following the return of JackJackson the original core four would also come back. Addis Ababa would be revived with Southern Expansion being continued. Addis Ababa would rise to a population of 40 residents. A new /n spawn was constructed with a large automatic potion machine being installed under the Ethiopian Cows and Potions Company which was a merge between Johnny's British Beef Factory and Ethiopian Potions.

The Battle of Addis Ababa

Main Article: Battle of Addis Ababa Following the creation of the Ethiopian Empire, the Nubian Empire would launch a large attack on the City of Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian defenders would claim victory and established it as one the defining moments of Ethiopian History.

The fall of Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa lost many of it's active citizens and the town eventually went back into it's Semi-Active State.

Purchase of Addis Ababa

Main article: Purchase of Addis Ababa. After Negotiations ending on the 21st May 2021, Nubia would purchase Addis Ababa on the 22nd May 2021. The town would be given to cheetossssss, with Ethiopia itself being disbanded. This would be undone due to a large back that occurred.

Addis Ababa from the Town Gate

Addis Ababa today

Addis Ababa today has regain many of the original members in preparation for the town to be sold to Nubia. To help fund the current Government and future adventures else where in Australia, Ethiopian Potions was reopened selling 36 Haste II for 1G and 18 Absorption II for 1g at /n spawn Ethiopia.

Notable Buildings 

- Addis Ababa Imperial Council Building

- Addis Ababa Town gate

- The Imperial Ethiopian Trading Centre Spawn

- Lion of Judah Statue

- The Palace of Negusa Nagast Gregory II of Ethiopia

- Negusa Nagast Gregory II's Stele

- The Obelisk of Addis Ababa

Notable People 

- John_of_Aus (Previous Mayor, and previous Coup leader)

- Recruit4Days (Previous Mayor)

- Triangle_Square_ (Previous Mayor)

- JackJackson (Mayor)

-cheetossssss (Previous Mayor)