Profile Information
Aliases Aettos
Nation 1200px-ImperialFlag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png Imperial Brazil
Town 1200px-Bandeira londrina.svg.png Londrina
Towny Rank
Political Party
Discord Aettos#3203
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn December 7th of 2018
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality BR.gif Brazilian
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Inactive
Server Role None
Date of Ban
Nation History

Aettos was the first God Emperor of Imperial Brazil, being also the founder of the nation. In the past, Aettos was a citizen of Brazil and an international merchant, being the owner of Red Fox.

He is currently the mayor of the city of Londrina, the nation's second largest city.


December, 2018

At that time, Aettos opened international stores in several nations, including Brazil, Oyo, France and Bulgaria, naming its Red Fox company.

On December 24, Aettos decided to buy the city of Brasilia, as a way to raise money to develop his own city, Londrina. However, most of the locals left the city, with the remainder moving to Londrina with him.

The arrivals from Brasilia were BlackQuartz and luigihero1. Later, Walchia and goldenfelps joined Londrina, forming the first citizens of the city.

January, 2019

With growing dissatisfaction, Aettos and TwisterSelvagem allied to found a new nation in opposition. He decided to tell the idea to BlackQuartz. The next day, Imperial Brazil was created, but Twister betrayed him and supported the old government. That same night, Aettos delivered the city of Brasilia to BlackQuartz.

Days passed and Twister, who had become chancellor, was expelled from ancient Brazil. He joined with other cities, forming the Confederation of Ecuador. The two then allied again, starting the Brazilian War against Republican Brazil.

Later, for all services rendered diplomatically, Aettos appointed BlackQuartz the new chancellor of the Imperial Brazil. He also began building the Wall Sina, the wall that would protect Londrina.

February, 2019

With the need for someone active enough to command the nation, Aettos chose BlackQuartz as his successor, taking the position of Elder. Since then he has continued to advise BlackQuartz and enter periodically to develop Londrina. He remains a soldier and helps in conflicts.

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