The Afro-ISP is the African Central Committee of the International Socialist Party (ISP). It was one of the original 3 Central Committees of the ISP and was one of its most active.


The Afro-ISP was founded November 20th 2018, one of the original Central Committees of the ISP. It hosted the II, IV, VI, VII, and XIII Conventions. The Afro-ISP was active in Mali, Mauritania, Oyo, and Madagascar. It had one branch office in Dakar, its only publicly opened one, a branch office in Lagos that was secret, and a branch office in some town in Madagascar was planned, but never opened publicly or secretly.

The Afro-ISP was one of the more active Central Committees. They were the impetus for the founding of the MEIPS and East Asia-ISP Central Committees after the collapse of the Asia-ISP. Although they failed to transform any African town or nation into a Communal Socialist state, they did manage to push for some small changes in towns, such as allowing for shared public chests among anyone higher than trusted and reducing privately-held lands to a minimum in some other towns.

The Afro-ISP was also the founder of the Rosa Institute, EarthMC's first think tank. The Rosa Institute was and is committed to publishing and distributing information to help the masses.

After the collapse of MEIPS and the East Asia-ISP Central Committees, the Afro-ISP undertook a decision to dissolve itself into affiliate parties along national lines, and decided to form the 2nd International and as successor body to the International Socialist Party. Some members left in disgust and formed a Rump party [termed Afro-ISP(Rump) - Ed.] that joined the Euro-ISP, until they dissolved themselves the following day.

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