The Kingdom of Alaska (Latin: Imperium Borealia; Imperium Yukonia; Inupiaq: Alaasikaq; Russian: Аляска; French: Empire d'Alaska) was a feudal kingdom in Alaska that consists of two duchies. It was the largest nation by population and landmass in Alaska and the fourth largest in North America. The most populous city was Illiamna. Most of the country is located contiguously in Alaska, with some islands such as Kodiak and Carlym.

Many early players have settled across Alaska ever since the start of Terra Nova. Most notably, NeonKrby and Fanosxxx, 1st Emperor of The Alaskan Empire, used to own a majority of the old Alaskan nation (not to be confused with Cascadian Alaska). Originally, the Alaskan Empire was known as Pacific_Alaska in reference to the now-disbanded federation of the Pacific Republic. The name was changed to Yukon after agreements that the current name was too long. After a long period of inactivity, Yukon's original players such as da_cabbageman returned and started to rebuild the nation. Yukon embarked on a vigorous expansion across Alaska throughout the summer, acquiring new towns, purchasing nations, and shear conquest.

The Alaskan Empire emerged in October after the majority of Jarls in Yukon decided to officially declare the Empire as formed. The emperor Fanosxxx has reigned since the nation's founding until January 2020, and the country formally boasted Koyuk one of the largest cities in the server in terms of population with 75 members, at one point going above the old limit at 76.

In January, da_cabbageman, holding the position of Emperor in place of Fanos, decided to hand over power to SgtCartoon. This was due to the evident inactivity of the Northern region, where the capitol Koyuk and the Emperor situated. The Emperor now resides in Kodiak, which therefore reserves the capitol of Alaska as Kodiak. SgtCartoon's actions provided great economic benefit, and fortification of current territories, such as creating North, East, and West Alaska nation spawns. Alaska's large territory requires it to have multiple nation spawns, which is the reason for many "_Alaska" nations.



Alaskan Empire Map.png



Notable Monuments

Yukon is home to many monuments, both completed and uncompleted. The majority are situated in Koyuk, the capital city, but there are many scattered around all of the Alaskan Empire.

There is also the Statue of Peace, constructed by Giovanni, a now inactive player who lived in Newburn. The statue is situated along the Newburn-Andamooka portion of the ice highway connecting Newburn to Kivilana.

Alaska is known for it's grand medieval castles. The most notable of it's palaces are the Klondike Palace, built by Incarnation__ during the period of Cascadian control.

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