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Alek b
Alek b.png
Profile Information
Aliases alek
Nation 2000px-Royal Standard of Denmark.svg.png Denmark
Town Copenhagen Coat of arms.png Copenhagen
Towny Rank King
Occupation Human
Organization none
Political Party idk
Religion None
Discord alek_b#5801
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn Unknown
Place of Spawn Unknown
Physical Information
Nationality Danemark drapeau.png Danish
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type idk
Zodiac idk
Height idk
Weight idk
Status Information
Status King of Denmark
Server Role Frost Donator
Date of Ban
Nation History
Denmark(first time)

alek_b is the king of Denmark, and a well renowed Veteran across the server. He is also referred to as the McMMO Lord.

Classic History


In 2016, the first year of EarthMC, alek made a town called Emerald_City in the region of Peru. Not much other info is available


Alek took a break for nearly a year, he then returned to make a town called Sitnalta on Mount Everest. He was in the nation of Tibet, however later joined Japan.

Terra Nova



When Terra Nova opened, he and a few friends, namely 4noah18, wildcat_pvpz, Maddnex (now Expadax), and doriendragon decided on making Copenhagen. This was also alek's irl town.

Couping 2014Delta

The decided king of Denmark, delta2014, was inactive. And so, alek_b and his supporters couped him, and got alek_b crowned as king.

More info soon

2000px-Royal Standard of Denmark.svg.png The Danish Empire 2000px-Royal Standard of Denmark.svg.png
Member Nations
2000px-Royal Standard of Denmark.svg.png Denmark
Significant Cities
Copenhagen Coat of arms.png Copenhagen | Slesvig flag.png Slesvig | Aarhus.png Aarhus
AlekFace.png Emperor alek_b | WildcatFace.png Chancellor Wildcat_b | BoosterFace.png Chancellor Boosterr_b | BobbersonFace.png Jarl Maple_d | LegoFace.png Jarl 32Lego
Wars and Conflicts
The Great Balkan War | The Holstein War | The Ten Day War | Second Holstein War