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Alexwins2 started his EMC career in as a citizen of New York, becoming very wealthy and successful as a business owner and builder. He also helped Lucas2011 build many iconic scenes in modern day New York. Alexwins2 also helped instigate the New York Riots.

Alexwins2 seen in the New York Riots

Alexwins2 seen in the New York Riots

Following a large amount of financial success, Alexwins2 went on to create the nation of Belgium, against the will of France (which, at the time was a strong geopolitical power). Thanks to Minehero43, Belgium was guaranteed by both Britain and Nazi Germany. This success was undermined by Echoocelot’s deception as he tricked Alexwins2 and Realpelican into giving him Councilor rank, and ultimately unclaimed the nation as a whole in the name of France.

Filled with anti-French rage, RealPelican and Alexwins2 went on to create one of the most iconic German cities in EMC history, Munich.

AlexWins2, most notably, is considered the person who destroyed the nation of Nazi Germany, by taking over the nation, kicking all citizens and allowing the grief of EpicVienna. He destroyed the entire nation.

Alexwins2 later went on to become the founder of the new Austria, and created the roots for the modern Vienna.

After leaving EMC for months, Alexwins2 returned to the server under the username 911Osama, who owned the nations of Arabia, Ohio, and Alabama at different periods of time, solidifying his status as a legend of the server, and creating iconic builds to be admired to this day.

Today, Alexwins2’s current username is “Tshe,” and he has quit the server permanently, only coming on time to time to see how his old nations are progressing...

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