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Alfred was a town in the nation of Saskatchewan. Located in central Canada on the north shore of Reindeer Lake. It had a population of 3 on 3/19/202 before it fell. it was in the second phase of GoldenDice's design for the town when it fell, Alfred had several ambitious programs underway.


First scouted out in late January/Early Febuary of 2020 by the founder GoldenDice. Named for her brother who had recently passed away, Alfred started as a small fort on the north coast of Reindeer Lake.

Officially founded with aid from Bearskin Lake on 2/13/2020, Alfred's first claim was the site of the Bank of Alfred. The following day the Mayor of Alfred, GoldenDice set forth the first phase design of the town, approved and set into motion later that day.

Phase One was completed by June of 2020. Phase Two was in development at the town hall, but abruptly halted after the town fell

On 2/17/2020 following the Independence of Saskatchewan, Alfred decided to follow suit, joining the newly formed nation with the intent of becoming a trading hub.

In early March, Alfred became apart of the North American Union, allowing it to spread its reputation into the mainland United States. Construction soon began on the Corporate Headquarters of Diceworks, offering jobs to the region.

Alfred also established an economic zone with its neighbor, Krichehugel, with the goal of preserving the lake.


it consisted of nine chunks that were located at -19020x-10880, the general geography of Alfred was wooded, situated within a large marsh north of Reindeer Lake. The lakefront itself was heavily indented on the shoreline and contains numerous small islands.

Deep Bay, located at the south end of the lake was the site of a large meteorite impact dating to about 99 million years ago. According to local Cree legend, it is also the location of a lake monster.


Project AlfredPhase One.png

Alfred was in the midst of several large projects when the town fell, including the following;


  • Alfred Regional Guard Barracks
  • Town Hall of Alfred
  • First Bank of Alfred
  • First Field of the Lake
  • Bakery
  • Library of Reindeer Lake
  • Travelers Inn
  • Diceworks Corporate Building
  • Mushroom Farm
  • Trading Post
  • Cemetary
  • Temple
  • Warehouse

Halted before Construction

  • Krichehugel-Alfred Regional Airport
  • Krichehugel-Alfred Hydroelectric Dam
  • Alfred Memorial Hospital
  • Expansions on the Warehouse
  • Nether Train Station
  • Ice Subways
  • Residential Neighborhood