Amikeo, Mayor of Regina and member of the royal council, is a loyal citizen of Rupert's Land. In the future, he plans to add more members to his rapidly growing town of Regina and also plans to make the city look nicer as it is very disorganized in its current state.


Regina is currently growing rapidly under its glorious mayor, Amikeo. The members of the town current consist of:

Amikeo, _X_A_V_I_, Goodluck_Kxsh, EbokArk, Atomrift, Romping, SQgaming, meshra1n, Pm17, DankLordofMemes, 0zzyE, yungdaggerduck, Illegallettuce, Quick_Pup, PlagueVelocity, NorthOp1909, Critical_Dupe, Rodrigo9Gamer, MIKELEVIL, ElaborateJade, venbrou, Commando1701, JackClone14, xXGamerMoraisXx, fsdefde, stevenbozich, ariaaagh, dumblaster, 0_Xero, Han_Solo_ASWD, Flint_Lockwood05, EmmaTheFighter, RMan0802, Juara31918, iiPiggy, Sjutton, EORudolph, BruninhoBoladao, Ben_Over, TestSubject1090, ArtOf1llusionz_, maxi2272004, Vnl_v2, elogica, Z3R0iC, mrblu3, A_boxes, ColdenFrost, obamaisfal, X_Mas, NoHaxJustToast, fangb0n3, okay773455, RickyTheSloth, Maple_Bacon_, blanquito_o29, bedekovich, Phantom_firez, laryllama, peterfield, Omelkje, milandn, RAPPLEWING, Shurfine, Lance_Horsewood, layne14, Frozen_Hazards

In the future, you can expect changes to Regina as it looks disorganized and random in its current state, as well as more members added to the growing list of citizens.

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