Antarctic Coast Is a nation located on the coast of Antarctica.


Early Idea

The idea was first made by Bobberson07, as he was looking for a nice spot for his new nation. He then saw an empty spot in Antarctica, a land full of opportunity. It was at this moment he announced his plans to the public. 

Incan Funding

Bobberson07 knew he couldn't possibly get so much gold by himself, so he turned to his friends at the nation of Inca, whom he talked to about possible funding. Inca agreed, and together with some members of Inca, Bobberson07 started saving up to 1088g. This goal was reached on May 24th, 2020.


The nation was then created on May 28th, 2020. Currently, the nation is a blossoming small town, slowly expanding outward.

The Kampuchean War

The nation declared war on Kampuchea in support of Siam on June 1st, 2020. It has not participated in any skirmishes yet.

Ownership Change

Bobberson07, the former King of the Antarctic Coast, quickly got bored of living in Ishylle, his small town on the coast and decided that he should return to his original nation, Svalbard. He left the nation, causing much controversy within Inca, as prlckly had given him over a thousand gold, and didn't like seeing it get dumped down the drain. Bobberson07 stated "How is ending up in the drain if only the capital changed?". This statement got Prlckly mad and he became toxic to Bobberson07, saying that Bobberson07 was baby raging. He then ended up giving control to guapathecat, and the capital was moved to Constance_Bay, where it stays to this day


Constance Bay

The capital city of Antarctic Coast, the town was founded by guapathecat on March 8th, 2020, a few months before the nation was created. It is now the capital of the nation.

  • Chunks: 9
  • Population: 2


Anthem (California Dreamin')


The current king is guapathecat. Inhabitants can participate in Incan related issues.

Foreign Relations



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