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The apostolic church is the christian Church that broke apart from The Catholic Church, the faith is based mainly in Europe and her allies, but the exact number of followers are unknown.


Francian History

The religion split off from the Catholic church and was founded by Cinnamon , who was subsequently excommunicated for his heretical protestantism and supposed disrespect towards the Christ by dressing up his boyfriend in the same clothing as him.

A crusade was launched against Francia on the 22nd of August, but was quickly defeated and the religion remained untouched by papal hands.

End of the Crusade and the faith's loss in Francia

On the 15th of September, Thanamos removed the faith as the official of Francia and re-converted to Catholicism- ending the crusade and the peak of the Apostolic Faith, that began to degenerate shortly after.


It hosts a mix of radicalist protestantism and Catholic belief, similar to the Anglican church, due to its situation. The religion is led by the Matriarch Cinnamon .