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Profile Information
Aliases Arca
Town Turkana
Towny Rank Citizen
Occupation YouTube Creator
Political Party
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn February 26, 2019
Place of Spawn Southwest Michigan
Physical Information
Nationality American.svg American
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Alive
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
  • 2/26/19 - 3/31/19: Nationless
  • 3/31/19 - 4/3/19 Dame-Marie
  • 4/3/19 - 5/8/19: Cuba-flag-medium.jpg Cuba
  • 6/12/19 - 9/17/19: New York
  • 10/14/19 - 1/9/21: Flag-0.png Nubia
  • 1/9/21 - 4/17/21: Yggdrasil tree flag.png Yukon
  • 5/12/21 - 5/15/21: Nationless
  • 5/15/21 - 6/7/21: Tzarist Ukraine
  • 6/7/21 - 6/23/21: AustriaFlag.png Austria
  • 6/23/21 - Present: Flag-0.png Nubia (Second Time)

ArcaPlays is a member of the EarthMC server. He isnt notable for much, as he hasnt really done anything noteworthy. Through hearing about EarthMC through SalC1's Gold Duping video on EarthMC , Arca joined EarthMC on February 26, 2019 at 8:31:11 PM EST. Arca's been a mayor of only three towns: Nyala, Seward, and Pripyat. Nyala was Arca's first town, being founded on July 27, 2020 as a part of Nubia. His second town, Seward, was founded on January 9, 2021 after Arca separated from Nubia and joined Yukon. Arca is currently a citizen of Turkana, Nubia.


Early History

Starting out

While ArcaPlays was relaxing one day and browsing YouTube, a video appeared in his recommended section. It was the video where SalC1 duped lots of Gold in EMC. At the time, the queue didn't exist, so joining the server was no problem. After joining, he spawned in Southwest Michigan (Modern-Day Chicago) with plans to start a town in Russia. In the first hour, he built a boat and went on his way to Russia. He built a small wooden house and began to mine in order to get the required amount of gold for a town. Whenever he would log in, he would find his gold chest to be empty. After about a month of constantly losing gold, Arca got tired of it and asked to join a town. He got several invites, and accepted one at random. He accepted an invite from the town of New Lyon, located in Haiti.

The estimated path Arca took to get from Michigan to Russia on February 27, 2019

Months of Townhopping

Arca joined New Lyon on March 31, 2019 and learned how to teleport to a town for the first time. The town was pretty small-ish in size, being maybe 10-20 chunks large. He built another wooden house on the north side of the town and was proud of being in his first town. This didnt last long however. On April 3, Arca was on a boat off the southern coast of Cuba when the mayor of a town on the island messaged him. After talking to this mayor, Arca found out about some "terrible" things the New Lyon mayor had done. Without considering if these were made up lies, Arca took his stuff and left New Lyon. He was now the newest resident of La Jagua, and eager to set up again. He was given a plot and he placed his stuff down and began to build a new house. It didnt take long for Arca to go inactive again. It wasnt until May 8 when he logged back on again to find that his house and all his items were gone. He got pretty angry and blamed the mayor of La Jagua for what happened and then proceeded to live off the land and was townless for another month. He joined the town of New York in order to be able to teleport wherever he need to go on June 12. He was in this town for a long time, and didnt own a plot. He would play on and off until he went inactive one more time. There was a short time that he joined Arlington for a day before leaving and wanted to join an Arab nation. He accepted the first invite he got, which was from Nubia to join El Obeid.

Arca's Semi-Active Time in Nubia

Arca didn't really do much in his first months in Nubia. He was just a regular insignificant player on the server. He did eventually go inactive again in January 2020. In March he realized that his data was wiped and was trying to figure something out in Nubias discord server. He settled on repeatedly trying to wait out the queue until he joined. He finally did join... after over a month. He had to join a new town, since twomoo was not online at the time and he was trapped in El Obeid. He asked gorky to help, so he logged on to invite Arca to join Mersa. Arca lived in Mersa up until he made his first town. During that time though, Arca also acted as a normal citizen. He made three videos during his time in Mersa about EarthMC, which was also during the time of the Ethiopian Revolt. Technically meaning that Arca was Ethiopian from May 4 to May 19. Even during his time in Mersa, Arca was a very on-and-off player until Late July, when he joined the Nubian VC for the first time. On that voice call, he won 64G from a Gold crate. Following this, Twomoo1119 asked him if he wanted to make a town. There was initial consideration for Arca to make a proxy town for Turkana, as he and the mayor had grown close. Arca decided to settle for an independent town instead. On July 27, 2020, Arca created his first town of Nyala just west of El Daein and East of Koukou.

For more info about Nyala, read it's wiki ^

Nubia Era

Activity in Nubia

Many things happened during Arca's active era in Nubia. Most activity occurred from late July to around Late September.

To Summarize:

  • July 25 - Battle of East Kraftier
  • July 27 - Nyala founded
  • Aug 16 - The Kraftier Raid
  • Sep 6 - Nyala/Turkana-Dharug/Kraftier Non-Aggression pact
  • Sep 18 to 22 - Arca's attempt to drain the Lake at El Azraq
  • Nov 15 - Nyala is completed

Besides these events, there arent many other significant things that happened as Arca's activity began to decline due to school and boredom.

Time away from Nubia

On January 9, 2021, ArcaPlays announced in the Nubia Discord Server that he was going to be leaving Nubia and will be joining Yukon. That day, he founded Seward on the Seward Peninsula in Alaska. On April 16, 2021, Arca made a video of him touring Seward. However, the start of the video had a goodbye message, where he announced he was quitting EarthMC. He had thoughts that he would come back eventually, when time permits. Eventually, he did. On May 12, Arca himself relogged into the server for the first time in almost a month. A friend had previously used his account a week prior in order to do an errand. When Arca logged in, Seward was under new leadership and he was in a new town. He then began a journey by boat to a new location, where he planned to play on EMC casually rather than the stressful job of being a proper mayor. He initially waned to found the city of Hyderabad in central India, but after surveying the area and disliking the terrain he opted to stay in El Obeid until he reached 64G. Eventually after reaching it, he headed out to Ukraine to found Pripyat near its real-life location.

Return to Nubia & Fall of Seward

On June 23, 2021, Arca disbanded Pripyat and moved into a home in Turkana. He's been living there since. On August 19, 2021 Seward collapsed. Most of what Arca had left there was recovered and placed in his basement museum.

Rabbit Deaths

On February 19, 2021 mob spawning was temporarily turned on server-wide. In Seward, a Polar Bear and rabbits spawned. Initially, there were two rabbits and the polar bear. After the polar bear killed the black and white rabbit, all that was left was the bear and a white rabbit. Once the white rabbit was moved to safety, another white rabbit was found. The next day, Arca bred the two twice to made two more white rabbits. On March 19, Arca moved his house to another location in Seward. Moving the house included the 4 rabbits, so Arca had to take these rabbits with a lead up the mountain. Since rabbits are known to jump too much, three of the rabbit died of fall damage. The only survivor was named "Sanosuke" meaning "Survivor". A monument was erected the same day to commemorate the three. 5 months later, Seward fell. A looter who passed through opened Sanosuke's cage and released him. As Arca came to recover what he could, he presumed him to be dead. The momument was taken down and rebuild block-for-block in Turkana. The only difference is that it had a new sign that stated that Sanosuke died on August 19. The next day, Arca found Sanosuke alive in the ruins of Seward. He began the journey to bring him to his home in Turkana. Continuing the journey on August 21, the boat got stuck in a structure in the Pacific Ocean and the boat sank. He quickly broke the boat and released the rabbit. Unexpectedly, when he drifted up he got stuck on the structure above. Arca quickly retrieved his boat and tried to grab Sanosuke in time. Unfortunately, Sanosuke had one heart and drowned. At the moment Arca was in fear, with VarJuice being able to hear his reaction to the death. The monument in Turkana was updated to state that Sanosuke died on August 21. If you wish to visit the place where Sanosuke died, the coordinates are around -20679, 61, -1853.


As of now, Arca has only written one book himself

Fate of the Lion

Fate of the Lion was a book telling of the history of Seward. The book is currently in a chest at Arca's house in Turkana.

McMMO Stats

Updated June 22, 2021

Skill Level Rank
SalvageSkill.png Power 2727 1015
MiningSkill.png Mining 1249 759
ExcavationSkill.png Excavation 884 599
WoodcuttingSkill.png Woodcutting 123 1519
HerbalismSkill.png Herbalism 165 1699
FishingSkill.png Fishing 26 3643
AcrobaticsSkill.png Acrobatics 189 2368
SwordsSkill.png Swords 17 4524
RepairSkill.png Repair 63 1366
ArcherySkill.png Archery 0 Unranked
AlchemySkill.png Alchemy 10 2425
AxesSkill.png Axes 0 Unranked
UnarmedSkill.png Unarmed 1 3465
TamingSkill.png Taming 0 Unranked


ArcaPlays has been a member of the following battles:

Name Side Outcome
Battle of East Kraftier Anti-Kraftier Victory
Second Battle of Kraftier Flag-0.png Nubia Victory
The Kraftier Raid Flag-0.png Nubia Indecisive
Battle of Town Name Here Flag-0.png Nubia Victory
Battle of Myrtle Beach Neutral
Skirmish of Joe Town Flag-0.png Nubia (idk if we won pls update this l8r future me)