Coat of Arms

Town Information
Full Name Heroica ciudad de los libres de Arequipa
National Anthem
Name in Towny Arequipa
Established July 4th 2020
Nation Pvr flag Peru
Population 4
Chunks 16
Coordinates -13432, 2920
Continent South America
Government Information
Mayor 256 Zinncer0
Councillors N/A
Political System
Economic System
Official Language Flagspain Spanish
Official Religion Galletism
Historical Information
Past Nations N/A
Past Mayors N/A
Past Councillors

Arequipa is a town of Peru founded by the past mayor of Mendoza, Zinncer0. It's ubicated in the south of the nation near of Arica.


Arequipa was created on July 4th, of 2020. The nearest cities are Ica, to the north and Arica, to the south. 


Foundation of Arequipa (July the 4th 2020)

It was founded with the objective of occupying the south zone of Peru, and to help for the new raise of Peru. Zinncer0 and Peru's leader The_MasterPro travelled from Cuzco to the location of Arequipa, they checked several times if it was the right location and when they were convinced, Zinncer0 took the gold out of the ender chest and he foundated the town

Terraforming (July the 7th - July the 10th 2020)

Arequipa had an irregular surface, so Zinncer0 started to terraform a flat surface over cape 89.

The terraform is almost done, it was done by trying to respect the order and the naturalness of the territory. Mostly of the terraform was done by Zinncer0, and later NicoGNV and chofo70 came to give a hand for taking down a mountain.



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