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Mustachegames is a player from earthmc classic who joined during the servers height of popularity in May 2018. Mustache is famous for being a French supporter and is known as that French guy. Mustache is also welly known through out most earth server communities having played lots when Earthmc was dead in September and October.


EarthMC Classic

Mustachegames is a player from earthmc classic who joined during the servers height of popularity in May 2018. When he first joined he was spammed with invite requests and messaged by Joel saying he had to join his nation in south America and Belgium. Mustache kindly said no thank you as he was looking for a better town then a globalist town. Mustache left for a day or so then when he came back Callmeconman was very nice to him and invited him to Auckland. Mustache thought a new Zealander town would be nice and he joined up. At this time Auckland had about 90 people and was a very healthy town. He built a house but it was deemed "too ugly" and was burnt down. After being harassed by conman and tpa trapped by him 2 times he left Auckland to make his own town but had no gold. Mustache later met Phillybob777 where they made 2 towns, Pompeii and Dunkerque. Dunkerque was the main town that survived but when MonaFrance was made and had a rigged election Mustache sold Dunkerque and moved to new Zealand where he met his best friends, Vwon, Asher1099, Yellowvictini and TheCubeRubik. Mustache was later paid off my MLGterra and left new Zealand to make Luxembourg which the nation later disbanded but the town remained and was told to rename to Verdun by the then queen bourbon, Florene of MonaFrance. Mustache later was kicked by MonaFrance for trying to stop spain from invading them. After this Mustache joined asher1099 and Vwon in making Hungary. Hungary was very successful being the only active nation at the time and being a world power. When 73Beetle joined the game in September 2018 Mustache asked him to give Austria and Vienna to Hungary but Beetle told him he will disband Vienna so Mustache could claim the town. Vienna grew very fast and became the largest town in September and October 2018 having 24 people.

Terra Nova

Terra nova plans

When Mustache saw Terra nova was gonna come out he did not care much, he was too busy playing the new highly popular clone server called Worldmc (now shut down), But as the news came out about Terra Nova Mustache started to make plans. First he made a French discord which became popular with over 110 people in it but had a lack of citizens willing to join or make towns. After the discline of the idea of making France, he had a poll to either give the discord to MLGTerra or CasualNuker and MLGTerra won the poll. After leaving France as an idea he moved on to Prague which was part of the HRE in planning but gave up on it (Vinnie is still waiting for Mustache to join the town on Terra Nova as it was made). Then Mustache went to Mya, all his favorite stuff, nice art, llamaism and in central America (somewhere Mustache likes).

Maya and Early Terra Nova

When Terra nova came out on Halloween Mustache dashed away from his candy and joined Terra Nova. Mustache joined terra nova in the first hour and joined jmills town of tikal which was made in the early access time period. When Mustache got enough gold he made Copan which was where irl Mangua was but was disbanded on November 6th 2018 after all the residents left and Mustache had been robbed by Runnerboy7200 many times.


After Copan disbanded Mustache moved to Lyon then made Dunkerque a town in Northern France when he got enough gold to make the town. The town was small for most of it's days because it got attacked everyday for hours by 32gold. When the town got more claims 32gold got more friends to help harass mustache as they found it super funny. So once Mustache had enough he left Dunkerque to his only active resident Sorta_Cool_Guy and moved to Austria, leaving France for ever (maybe not forever :3)


Mustache made Innsbruck on November 24th, 2018, to help Germany Anschluss Austria. Innsbruck was ignored as it joined Nazi Germany a nation with a very good military. On November 29th 2018, Innsbruck was griefed by the Underground railroad 2 inc. but was rolled back.


Town's Mustache has been in, in order.

  • Tikal
  • Copan
  • Lyon
  • Dunkerque
  • Lyon
  • Innsbruck


Friends of Mustachegames

  • Slevemarlin
  • Disco848
  • Asher1099
  • Vwon
  • TheCubeRubik
  • Adolf_hitlar
  • Renny
  • jmills
  • Sir_scoots
  • Phillybob777
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