Asheville is a rapidly growing town in the new England nation that was founded on April 18, 2019 by it's mayor, Death15896. As of April 23, 2019, it has 48-50 residents, the town is often considered full however, Death15896 is very open to new residents.

Asheville's gold production cannot keep up with it's rapid expansion.  Some portions remain unclaimed as the town seeks to assist its friendly neighbors rather than focusing on its own infrastructure.


View of town to the north


Windmill and wheat farms


Main Road

2019-04-23 17.50.41

Photo of 2 Asheville residents, April 23 2019

Beginning on April 20th, a wall was proposed to signify where Asheville would officially end, as urban sprawl plagued Asheville. A couple hours later the project began and as of April 23rd, the wall is near completion. Also around April 20th, many notable buildings and places would pop up. The most popular being the Auto Smeltery construction by Giedrasas, the public storage, and a wheat farm. Most of Asheville's roads were constructed by Giedrasas or had previously been made. More public services were introuduced such as a public storage area and massive town farm was created by Da_awesome_mc, who owns the town of Imperopoli. Other Sevices include public enchanting, free potions to residents, local map within town hall, as well as a ranch for livestock.

As of April 20, Asheville preaches rights garuanteed to any of it's residents. Asheville believes that tax is theft, and thus residents pay no taxes. 
2019-04-23 18.01.57

Asheville's town square as viewed from the town hall, April 23 2019.

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