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Ashikaga Clan Flag
Coat of Arms
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Ashikaga Clan Mon
Seal of Ashikaga
Ashikaga Imperial Seal
Confederation of Japan (September)
Map created on the 17th September 2019
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National Information
Full Name 足利氏
The Ashikaga Clan
National Anthem
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Name in Towny Ashikaga
Motto Sic Itur Ad Astra
Thus you shall go to the stars
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Capital City Seal of ToyamaToyama
Largest City Seal of ToyamaToyama
Oldest City Seal of ToyamaToyama
Established 27th August 2019
Disbanded 10th March 2020
Government Information
Leader Yllalen Yllalen
Prime Minister
Political System Government monarchy Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon Green Capitalism
Official Language
  • Englishflag English (Main)
  • Drapeau du japon avec bords Japanese
Official Religion Shintoism
Army Size Classified
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders None
Past Capitals Takasaki (Ashikaga)

Ashikaga, formally the Clan of Ashikaga (Kanji: 足利氏) is a nation that inhabits the Honshu island of the Japanese Archipelago, the Kuril and the Okinawa Islands. The nation, as it currently stands, was reformed on the 27-29th August when Japan became a collection of clans, allied in the Coalition/Confederation of Japan. The spoken language is English, though you may find signs/writings in Japanese throughout the territory.


Ashikaga shares an open border with the other Japanese clans. The entire territory is covered by the mountainous Japanese landscape, having Mt. Hanei and the Kuril Islands in its territory. The limits of Ashikaga are as follows:

N - The Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk;

S - Shimazu, Asano;

E - Tokugawa, the Pacific Ocean;

W - Asano, Shimazu, Tokugawa.


Ashikagan OrgChart

Ashikagan Organizational Chart

Ashikaga is a constitutional monarchy ran by the people, and His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Francisc I de Villiers (Yllalen). All citizens have the right to vote on organic and constitutional laws - the legislative and elect the Elders, who, together with HIM, the Emperor make up the executive. The Elders run Courts (ministries) which make sure the laws are applied and work with the citizens and HIM, the Emperor to further develop the clan. HIM, the Emperor has the right to veto, though a veto can be overwritten by a 2/3 majority of citizens. However, this is rarely needed as the needs of HIM, the Emperor are aligned with the needs of the people. The people of Ashikaga care about culture and tradition, so institutions like the Imperial Family can be found, while mayors take the title of Daimyo, the formal title being the (Right) Honourable, the Daimyo of [Town]. However, such institutions do not have power in the government, but members of the Imperial Family are eligible for succession to the Ashikagan throne. Moreover, Ashikaga takes pride in its government form, because it is one of the few working democracies in Asia.

The Imperial Family (incomplete)

  • Shia chan Shia_chan - Empress of Han (Wife)
  • XxSlayerMCxX XxSlayerMCxX - Government Official of Han (Son)
  • SiriusKW SiriusKW - President of Cantonia (Grandson)

The Council of Elders (incomplete)

  • AKIHIRO135 AKIHIRO135 - Court of the Environment
  • Blurryface Blurry face- Court of Culture

Current Daimyo

  • Yllalen Yllalen - Toyama
  • XtheBattousai XtheBattousai - Sugoi
  • Creeper4119 Creeper4119 - Sado
  • Rocc _Rocc_ - Hachinohe
  • Blurryface Blurryface - Aomori

Culture & Civilization

"Surreal in colour,
With agleam rooftops,
Under great purple blossoms
Nippon shadows the sun.

Adored by travellers,
On his crystalline waters,
Trickery of colour,
A rapturous toy
Nippon shadows the sun
Ashikaga is rich in culture, having varied traditions that date back to the days of old. Most of them are ritualistic, such as brewing tea, whilst others denote occupations or arts (landscaping) or just have specific symbolism. The clan is peaceful, not getting involved in wars, instead valuing diplomacy.

National Emblems

With such a rich culture, it is only natural that Ashikaga would have a variety of emblems representing the clan. 

The Flag and Mon

Being descendants of Japan, the Ashikagan people both use the modern Japanese flag, as well as the clan's mon, which they wear with pride.

The National Anthem

The national anthem of Ashikaga was decided in Voting Session #13, where Nothing Else Matters by Metallica was chosen as our national anthem.

The Motto of the Clan

The clan's motto, Sic Itur Ad Astra, has a double meaning. Whilst the most common translation is "thus you shall go to the stars", it can also be translated as "such is the way to immortality". This replaced the old motto, Kom folau oso na gyon op, which means "From the ashes, we will rise", and it still is being used in the clan's capital, Toyama.

The National Flower

Empress Tree

The National Flower of Ashikaga

The national flower of Ashikaga is Paulownia imperialis, also known as the (royal) empress tree.


"Ashikaga was just like a candle,
It burned till the very end.

Book of Gensis

Book of Rebirth

Book of Apocalypse

"For a star goes out in to the sky above,
If it freely chooses to die for love.

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