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Ashikaga Clan Flag
Coat of Arms
Ashikaga mon.svg
Ashikaga Clan Mon
Seal of Ashikaga
Ashikaga Imperial Seal
Confederation of Japan (September)
Map created on the 17th September 2019
*Does not include half of Sakhalin and other territories.
National Information
Full Name 足利氏
The Ashikaga Clan
National Anthem
Ashikagan Anthem
Name in Towny Ashikaga
/n list page
Capital City Toyama
Largest City Takasaki (Ashikaga)
Oldest City
Established 27th August 2019
Government Information
Leader Yllalen-1 Yllalen
Prime Minister
Political System Government monarchy Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon Capitalism
Official Language
  • Englishflag English (Main)
  • Drapeau du japon avec bords Japanese
Official Religion Synism, Shintoism
Army Size Classified
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders None
Past Capitals Takasaki (Ashikaga)

Ashikaga, formally the Clan of Ashikaga (Kanji: 足利氏) is a nation that inhabits the Honshu island of the Japanese Archipelago, and the Kuril Islands. The nation, as it currently stands, was reformed on the 27-29th August when Japan became a collection of clans, allied in the Coalition/Confederation of Japan. The spoken language is English, though you may find signs/writings in Japanese throughout the territory.


Ashikaga shares an open border with the other Japanese clans. The entire territory is covered by the mountainous Japanese landscape, having Mt. Hanei in its territory. The limits of Ashikaga are, as follows:

N - The Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk;

S - Shimazu, Asano;

E - Tokugawa, the Pacific Ocean;

W - Asano, Shimazu, Tokugawa.



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