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Asir is a small Nubian town controlled by UsualKostas in west part of Arabia, the Nubian Arabia region. The town was a part of plan by Nubia's leader twomoo1119, of taking territory in that area. The town was founded on the 19th of November 2020.


On 19th November, UsualKostas together with twomoo1119 headed to Nubian Arabia crossing the sea between Africa and Arabia.On the cooridinates 7936, -3160 UsualKostas with 64 g in his hand, established the town. The first resident - Matvey31 was real-life friend of UsualKostas, joined in about 2-3 months after town created.

Early History

Before town was created, UsualKostas was living in Mersa town, he was earning money to create a town that he really wanted.


Spawn and main control building is Capitol, or simply spawn.

The main shop is being on PepeAvenue, selling different items for Asir residents and travellers.

Asir monument is placed near PepeAvenue, being the highest building in Asir. The monument was build by UsualKostas and Matvey31 to show the glory of town's people.

Asir flag, the highest built flag in Nubian Arabia, placed on top of Capitol, representing the 'greatness and size' of Asir.

PepeAvenue is main street of Asir starting from place of spawn and ending somewhere there PogStreet starts.

PogStreet starts right after the PepeAvenue, being the living zone of residents and place of embassies and plots.

Notable People

  • Matvey31, first resident and real-life friend of UsualKostas
  • OFFDVRKLXRD, first non-real-life friend residents, also being Russian.

Town staff

The mayor - UsualKostas

The councillor - Matvey31

Additional information

  • The town is Monarchy-Capitalism, however, the system of sharing some stuff with other residents and giving away items for free is being a part of communism that UsualKostas kind of wanted in his town.
  • Asir is not being any of sister towns technicaly, but Mersa, Suna and Turkana is the main towns Asir is cooperates with.
  • On coordinates of 7936, -3160, Asir takes 58 chunks of it's region in Arabia.
  • The main architecture peculiarity of Asir is "Asir arc", similar to El Obeid arc its placed 4 blocks from each other, being the pedestal for glowstone placed on top.

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