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1280px-Flag of Atacama.pngFlag
Atacama New Shield.png

Coats of Arms

Town Information
Full Name Region de Atacama
National Anthem
Name in Towny Atacama
Motto "The Golden Land"
Established 15 July, 2019
Nation *Cl.png Kingdom of Chile
*LaPlataFL2020.png La Plata
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 3 (24-10-2021)
Chunks 371
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png -13209, 4906
Continent South america.png South America
Government Information
Mayor SaltySweet.png SaltySweet_
Councillors N/A
Political System Red Flag.png Socialist (semi-democratic?)
Economic System Gold Icon.png Mixed Economy
Official Language Flagspain.png Spanish (Main)
Englishflag.jpg English (Secondary)
1280px-Flag of Atacama.png Kunza (Ocacionaly)
Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Image1.jpg Incan Empire (Territory was originaly claimed by BeTa_CoRp)

Cl.png Chile (This Chile is considered the Chile ruled by 78Keizap and 78Coryx which no longer exists)

Past Mayors N/A
Past Councillors Tgl mapping.png tgl_mapping

Atacama is is a Town located in the north of Chile, is 1 of the 8 cities in Chile and currently is the 3rd biggest Town in the Mega-nation of La Plata.

Atacama was originaly founded with the name of Copiapo in July 15, 2019. Since then it has grown in size and by one point it was decided to rename the town to Atacama.



Copiapó's Foundation

July 15th, 2019 was the date where two settlers, tgl_mapping and SaltySweet_ founded Copiapó at the north of Chile, it was finacially supported by the Chilean Goverment at the time, this was also seen as an opportunity to claim back land from the Incan Empire, the placement of the town threaten the city of BeTa_CoRp which will eventually fall from inactivity, thus Copiapo and Chile would claim back the Atacama Region (this can be seen in future maps of Chile)

Chile-Patagonia Conflict

Atacama or formerly know as Copiapó in this Era, did not have a lot of activity through out this conflict, besides providing materials or supplys to do little proyects agaisnt Patagonia (the acts made here werent lethal or considered something to declare war against them, but it was ment to mock the patagonians and their sovernity), the state of Copiapó and the acts it did woudnt excalate until the Operation Atahualpa would take place in Chile.

Operation Atahualpa

Operation Atahualpa took place in late 2019 (exact date is was lost), it was an elaborated plan to disband Chile and hoped to claim all the former Chilean cities to the Peru-Viceroyalty, this operation was elavorated by 78Kei and 78Coryx and supported financially by Patagonia. (More details can be seen in the La Plata´s wiki page) Chile was later founded back again with CR12 being the new Leader of Chile, Copiapó would join back Chile making the location of Copiapó a strategical point between the Peruvian-Viceroyalty border and the New Chilean Border. Copiapó at the peak of the conflict was one of the few towns on the north that didnt fall or joined to the Peruvian-Viceroyalty.

(little fun fact of this conflict is that the original founders of Copiapó got together to fake a story, eventually made up so Chile would start a espionage against Peru-Viceroyalty.)



After the conflict of Atahualpa relations with Chile would stabilize with Patagonia, and with Peru-Viceroyalty gone Copiapo would go through an inactivity state which still prolongs to 2021.



Thanks to JonnyGrunge Financial Help, Copiapo would expand its borders even further, at which point it was the 3rd biggest town, thanks to its size and relation to real world locations, it was renamed to the Region de Atacama or Atacama for short.

In this time Atacama would become one of the most active towns in the country of Chile, with plans to improve the town and to replace the current Chilean Spawn Shop. not also that, its new objetive is to become more trade friendly and try to welcome even more players than ever to the nation.


Through out the history of the city, Atacama has changed a lot going from gravel roads and a colonial themed style of buildings to a more modern style of buildings, its most important buildings however, have only been rebuilt to fit its style, the important buildings are considered the buildings that do exist in the real world, from the location the town is in.

Plaza de Armas

This is the main plaza of Atacama in the Copiapó District, its is the starting place of the town itself, it is also surrounded by the other notable buildings, those being the Cathedral, the Bank of Banco-Estado, the Matta's Museum, and the Governmental House.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of Atacama is one of the Biggest buildings in the city, while it was built for religious porpuses, its mainly used for all sorts of events.

The Matta's Museum

The Museum of the Matta's Family is a museum which will tell you about the story of the Atacama Region from the in real life Chile.

The Governments House

The Governments House as the name implies, is the House in which the City's Administration Runs Atacama, it is also used for speachs or announcements in some ocations.

Conductors Residence

This Building was built to give residence to the train conductors at the time when the first train came to southamerica.

Train Station

This is Atacama's main train station, this train station is the first train station in Chile (Irl) and is special because it was built for the first train in Chile. this train station also has the main in IceWay-station in Atacama right outside of it.

Gallery of the Buildings

these being the following:


Map of Atacama

The town of Atacama is located at the north of Chile, in the "Norte Chico" divicion, its a desert biome, filled between mixtures of podzol, red sand, grass and stone in the surface, the north of Atacama is relatively more flat and the south of it, being more hilly and not soo plain. in the Andes part of Atacama, the biome will change from a Desert to a Dark Forest biome. The Flora of Atacama consists of Roses, poppy, dandelions, Azure Bluet and Lily of the Valley.


The Flag of Atacama was choosen the 14th of june 2021 as thanks to the territorial expancion of Copiapo, which would end up being the 3rd largest Town in La Plata, thanks to this change it was suggested that Copiapo would need to rename it self to what we now know as Atacama.


The Colors of the Flag are Blue and Gold, Blue represents the Liberty and Freedom, While the Golden star represents the effert of those who fought for this land. (this flag does exist IRL and has a bit different meaning, but the vexillology here was change due to different events happening of course)

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Atacama has the name of "Lickanantay Tchitack Tchamma" from the lenguaje Kunza which translates to "Atacamenian of strong heart" The coat of arms uses an iberic shield, split into 3 parts, 1 reprecenting each part of the region's districts, the other reprecents the workers of Atacama and its vasts and rich desert, and the bottom part reprecents the "diaguitas" culture of the region. At its sides there are 2 flags of the Region, and above the shield there are 2 flying mythical creatures called "Alicanto" which is a Golden Goose. Along side the Alicantos there is the Golden Star with the words "Lickanantay Tchitack Tchamma" above it.

The Municipal Government

Atacama's Government Logo

The Government of Atacama is a very mixed one, it offers elections to chancellors and votes on proposals and laws given from the government of the region, this does not apply for the Mayor, the Mayor is the one who will decide who will take on the role of Mayor (This can also mean that he can assing temporal Mayors in time of need). (If you know the name of watever this political system is, let me know!)

Social Welfare

The Government focuses on the hospitality and the resident it self, most of its resources will go to aid the people on the region. The Government also has places public programs for upcoming companies or shops in which people can sign them selfs up to be supported by the government.

Atacama's Space Program

Atacama also wants to fund a space program within its territory, settig up observatories and a launch site for various research missions.

Notable People

  • tgl_mapping

Co-Founder of Atacama

  • JonnyGrunge

Crucial Financial Supporter and Donator

  • CR12

Welcomed Atacama with open arms and supported the city financially and resourcefully

  • 32Mix & DasXtiN

Defended the city in random raids and griefings