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New Atlantis

Saint Cloud

Madeira Isles

Leaders & Influential People

EasyWatson - Leader and our overlord.

XxRockDudexX - Donated a lot of gold for the creation of the nation.

FungleTheBungle - Also donated gold for creation of the nation.

Town Mayors

EasyWatson - New Atlantis

Midnatm - Madeira Isles

zucaluca - Saint Cloud



12th - XxRockDudexX was registered on /res

15th - EasyWatson was registered on /res

15th - New Atlantis Was Created.

16th - zucaluca was registered on /res


15th - FungleTheBungle was registered on /res

23rd - Atlantis The Nation Was Founded

23rd - Midnatm was registered on /res

25th - Madeira Isles was founded


1st - Saint Cloud was founded

Info About Atlantis

The Shops

The shops in Atlantis are very cheap for the stuff they sell, enchanted books often are 1 or 2 gold including Sharp V. Banners are one thing you will see everywhere in one of the shops. (ItzRock Shop)

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