About Us

We are currently a small trading town in northern California, looking to expand rapidly and become a major force in trade, similar to the likes of Kodiak and Paris. For this, we need a dedicated army of builders from around EarthMC, and everyone needs to vote (ideally!) daily and support the town's growth

The Early Town

In November 2019, Doomshroom6 and Starkiller6456 decided that the West Coast of the USA needed a shopping town to compete with those in South Alaska and Europe. A suitable site was chosen, and after several days of gathering gold, Augmentium City was born.

Raid by Fruitloopins' Gang

In early January '20, the town was raided at high noon by a gang of well-armed raiders. They were nearly rebuffed, but in his haste to destroy the invaders, Starkiller was blown up by a well-placed block of TNT. Fruitloopins promptly stole Starkiller's stuff. There followed an epic battle of words, in which many references to memes and other pop culture were made. Finally, Fruitloopins retreated, with diamond gear but no gold. Always keep gold in Ender Chests!

The Future

Currently as a town Augmentium has no major links to other nations, but we hope in future to work closely with other nations to supply our stores. We are easily accessible via Granite Lion Road from Argent (Capital of Deseret), just do /n spawn Deseret and head north out of the town, then through the acacia gateway on the left.

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