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Australia is a continent with 12 nations.


Australia has 12 nations, here is a list of them in no particular order.


Map of Australia on Aug 13, 2019, from Nuuknein (official EMCL mapper)

2019 0813 Carte Australie EarthMC-0

Carte Australia, from Nuuknein (official EMCL mapper) on Aug 13, 2019


  • A small war between Australia and TerraAustralis started after United Australia was disbanded. Nothing much but some disagreements in discord with threats and properganda.
  • The Coalition against Queensland. A french youtuber "Fuze III" decided to begin a series on earthMC . He is hated for bringing a lot of french players on earthMC, causing waiting in the queue even longuer (For more information see his page ). A lot of nations and volunteers, who want to remove him from the server, have unofficially form "The Coalition" . They have done some griefing and bombing around FuzeCity , and spies have stolen massive sums of gold and beacons .

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