Early History


The nation itself was firstly the Kingdom of Italy that was founded on the 30th of January 2019. After Erwinning left the server Magredon had a talk with him and he returned to the server renaming the nation to Austria and moving it to Vienna.

Early Austria

Austria was unofficialy founded at the same time with the formation of Vienna on the 13th of November 2019. After he got the nation of Italy from riri2010, Magredon offered the leader of Salzburg, Piexe, to join the nation. Magredon quickly called for the help of his friends from his previous nation of Turkey which he ruled for nearly a year and had good relations with most of the people there. With the arrival of Superaktif, Magicalyule and omerrr the towns of Linz, Innsbruck and Graz were quickly under the Austrian control. Around this time Erwinning called for his own friends from the old Italian Kingdom and Yayoh would go out to settle in Bregenz.




The Kaiser is the reigning monarch and head of state of Austria. They are the mayor of Vienna and nation leader.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Kaiser of Austria has ultimate power in the nation, and they are responsible for the development of the nation and appointing national officials.



The Kronprinz is the successor to the Kaiser of Austria, they live in Vienna and are the Kaiser's #2

Powers and Responsibilities

The Kronprinz has the power to govern over the nation somewhat, still under the Kaiser and obeying them. They are responsibly for development of the nation along with the Kaiser.



The Prinzen are royal officials who govern on a more local level in their specified area. They are the mayor of their own cities within those areas as well.

Powers and Responsibilities

The Prinzen have power to govern lightly over their specified regions, and are responsibly for development of their specific area and managing activity and players.

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