RulerultamiSjr funded the town of Ram_RanchII in November ,he then made the Nation in december, Zagreb,Aquincum and the Battleship SMS_Tegetthoff were funded or joined the Nation.

Austria_Hungary is with Romania the two main enemy of Byzantium in the Balkans war.

Since the creation of the nation Austria_Hungary had many borders conflict with all the nation near them.

In a way to flee from the fighting , the RulerultamiSjr hoped to expand south in the Nation-less region of the Balkans , however he came into a fight with Byzantium who were fastly expending there , thing got worst when the Byzantine town completly blocked the Austria_Hungary rail from the Capital to the SMS_Tegetthoff battleship , this battleship being the symbol and possible future capital of the Nation this expansion was the event declenching the Balkans War.