Avalon was founded by Riley_McDonut on June 13th, 2019.

Avalon is a Federal Dictatorship on the eastern and southern portions of the island of Newfoundland, North America with an exclave on Prince Edward Island, and a overseas island territory more southward. Avalon, as of recording has 52 citizens and 8 towns. Avalon's capital is Dildo, and the largest town in the nation is pee_pee_island. The official religion in Avalon is Pissism


The Beginning (March 10, 2019 - April 7, 2019)

On March 10th, 2019 Dabs_All_OvarYT joined the server and spawned in the ocean a few hundred blocks north of northwestern Australia. He found the server through the original trailer blowing up in views and wanted to see what everything was about. The meme Pee Pee Island was very popular during this time and he wanted to recreate it in EarthMC. He then traveled for 2 hours to reach Newfoundland, while, on his way, making a pit stop in South Africa. When he arrived there was a town in Pee Pee Islands true location

The territories under Avalon were originally under rule by the New Scotland colony of Nova Scotia before the leader of Nova Scotia, Aceshooter11 put the nation on auction, hearing about this news and worried about losing one of their allies Quebec funded the nation of Newfoundland, with it's capital in the modern day city of Town, Newfoundland. Quebec wanted all the Nova Scotian territory to join Newfoundland before Nova Scotia could be bought out. Fearing Newfoundland would become a puppet state of Quebec, Riley_McDonut talked to the leader of Newfoundland and negotiated about the concept of declaring independence. After saving up the required amount of gold and having swayed the leader of Newfoundland into renaming their nation to Labrador, Riley created the Nation of Newfoundland. With it's capital in his town, Dildo. Riley got a good amount of towns to join and he started work on connecting them via ice roads when the leader of Labrador wanted the nation name Newfoundland back. Struggling to find a replacement name he referred to an old treaty between Dildo and pee_pee_island that split the possible territory both towns could expand into the Avalon peninsula in half, named the Treaty of Avalon. And renamed his nation to Avalon. More towns would later join Avalon like Arsefacey, VirginCove and Condom. And a few of Avalon towns have even landed themselves in youtube videos such as when Toycat visited pee_pee_island while touring EarthMC for his video on the server

Recent History

With a sudden influx of new players wanting to be part of towns in the server, many Avalon towns flourish. Many new towns join Avalon as well, such as Charlottetown and Hackeburgen, adding to Avalon’s land. On September 2nd, Town, capitol of rival nation Newfoundland, falls due to inactive leaders. Avalon had prepared for this. Days previously they had disabled their nation spawn to get a head start at looting the town. And even though previous predictions about when Town would fall turned out to be several hours off, Avalon did manage to get in and loot the town.

The Capital Of Newfoundland was automatically moved to Midnight_City by the towny system and plans are already in place when time comes for Newfoundland as a nation to fall.

Notable People

Dabs_All_OvarYT - The Current Mayor of pee_pee_island, and a prophet to Pissism

Riley_McDonut - Leader of Avalon, Mayor of Dildo, founder of Avalon, also a prophet to Pissism

MattyG2012 - Councilor of pee_pee_island. Constructed and designed many monuments including, Pee Pee Tower, Tobo Tower, Bank of Avalon SuperCenter, etc.

ThatNerdNextDoor - Mayor of Arsefacey, former resident of pee_pee_island


Flag Name Mayor Population Chunks
Dildo Riley_McDonut 18 100
pee_pee_island Dabs_All_OvarYT 27 106
Arsefacey ThatNerdNxtDoor 1 43
Condom flag
Condom Ducky4408 1 4
Charlottetown flag
Charlottetown Gnoch 1 6
Hackeburgen flag
HackeBurgen CommanderHog 2 9
Nuremberg LowfLy_ 1 2
Black_Rock stanedef 1 55



Dildo's Dildo Monument, a national treasure

Avalon may be a small nation, but what it lacks in size it makes up through the beautiful architecture Avalon has to offer, such as

Dildo's Dildo National Monument

Pee Pee Island National Monument, the pee pee

Pee Pee Island's national monument, the Pee Pee

Bank of Avalon (Under Construction)

McDonalds Pee Pee Island


a prime spot for a snack no matter where you are in Avalon.

Arsefacey Artpiece

Arsefacey Courtroom

Pee Pee Tower

the arsefacey courtroom will oversee your war crimes.

Pee Pee Lighthouse

T pose Steve

T pose steve

greeting those traveling across the ice road, is T pose Steve

Pissism Church (Gone, reduced to atoms)
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