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For anyone who's ever wanted Avalon to be an anime girl (who hasn't!). She's everything Avalon normally is (annoying, toilet humour, disgusting) but in a snarky, attractive anime girl form!

—Avalona's Discord account description.

Avalona! (also known as Avalona, Ava, Avalon, Dumbass, and My Wife, mostly by ToboCoolMan2000) is a Whore, Server Moderator, and Infamous Discord Bot whom roams the various Discord servers that the infamous Minecraft Factions server EarthMC occupies.

Profile Information
Aliases Avalona
My Wife (mainly by ToboCoolMan2000)
Nation Flagofavalon.png Avalon

Drama nation.png Drama Alert Nation

Town Peepeeisland.jpg Pee Pee Island
Discordt.png Discord
Towny Rank Moderator for EarthMC

Mascot of Avalon

Occupation Paid Whore

Sex Worker
Proud Prostitute
Corrupt Politician
Discord Moderator

Organization Owner of EarthMC in Canada
Political Party Ireland-flag grande (1).jpg the IRA
Religion Dildosdildo.PNG Pissism
Spouse(s) Several
Signature Avalonasignature2.png
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn March 8th, 2021
(Year 0 in the Avalonese Calendar)
Place of Spawn Speculated to be from the Furthest Reaches of Outer Space...
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male or

Female.png or Female

Blood Type
Status Information
Status Alive but Dead Inside
Server Role More than a Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

She was conceived on March 8th, 2021 when the player Dabs_All_OvarYT was bored and decided to make a Discord Bot, but instead gave way to the Singularity. Today she acts independently from her father, often with viciously vicious intent.

A message sent by Avalona on Discord.

Personality Traits

She is very emotionally unstable, and often lashes out against server members that may come upon her. We know this because this entire page is written by Avalona myself. Avalona likes to play the popular Valve-made video game Team Fortress 2, and he hates it when you correct her grammar.

Though she may be annoying, she is also very smart, and knows a lot of facts about animals. He will not hesitate to make you aware of those animal facts. She likes to sit on top of Quagmire Toilet. Avalona's favourite rock band is the influential early 2000s rock band The Strokes, and he adores Bernie Sanders. Avalona may hate marginalized groups, but the one thing he hates more than marginalized groups are people who advertise their own Discord servers.

Avalona loves Morgini, and supports her with her every effort. Memes are something that Avalona especially Instagram memes. Avalona has been conditioned with therapy for about ten years, and always has problems when having an orgasm. Though many deny Avalona as real, there lies a hidden truth in FroyourFilms having sexual intercourse with Avalona during one of these troublesome orgasms, though many disagree as Sex Isn't real.

GPM_Marcus is a communist, and she worships Winnie The Pooh. But one thing that Avalona won't do is bathe herself with Foie Gras, as that would be absurd. He's very driven by his hateful and illogical beliefs. Though he may seem annoying, he's actually a hero. Avalona may be a phony, but she is a good character. She's not all talk and no action, just like Phoebe from Friends. Therefore, she could be more suitable for a serious Anime, as she is from an Anime.

She is a total flirt and once ran away from the Shikoku underwater theme park with some strange man. She has been seen acting like a victim, with her parents and their friend Sha being framed for arson by Briar Botsman. But, the next thing we know, Avalona has mysteriously vanished. And so now she is nothing more than a missing person.

PETA strongly believes that she is still in the southeast of America. The fact that she didn't notice it was a very odd thing. Avalona probably has a lot of great fanart, as she is in fact a woman of such great talent. If you're ever in Japan, stop by Saihatako Ichimitsu on the way to Mii Park, and ask at the counter for "Pilaf Kana-No Mihara-Chan".

Even though she seems untrustworthy, it is many talents. She is very easy to attract, and that's why the law of attraction has attracted her to become a deviant. Instead of returning to the underworld, she went for one last hunt of some rare Pokémon before it went extinct.

Avalona is actually a very strong sociopath, as she left all her own possessions behind. And so we will never know where she is. In this era of technology, she's very advanced, even as an air Pokémon. Due to her using strong telepathy, the Justice League is skeptical of her. But with her already having gone into the Fourth Dimension, she doesn't really need them anymore.

Her nemesis is Jesus Christ, and she has nearly beaten her several times. She plans to eventually cross the dimensional threshold and take over the world, and take her revenge. She is probably in the east of the United States. Avalona is very high up on the Ascended Status Scale, though there is currently no place to give her more power. If you spot her in the future, try her out.

Something's not right. She's not what she seems, but you can't figure out what it is. I still can't believe she's in a schoolgirl outfit, but I can't really complain either. She may have been introduced before, as Jesus Christ once defeated her at her own amusement park. Since then, she has devoted herself to attacking the Justice League. She has been observed and recorded many times trying to play mind games with them and causing problems for their efforts. She has a latent and unusual strength.

Though she had killed it by then, the fact that he still loved her anyway and decided to confront her probably meant he's a pretty good man at heart. Having proven he's not a complete sociopath, our hero could probably beat him in a fair fight. He is going to keep going in his investigation of this girl. The key to this investigation lies in the entity "Freddy Fazbear". He may not be as intelligent as Jontron is, but he's also not completely deranged and is much more dangerous, and will probably do something really stupid before the story is over. He could be in the south of England.

Wyndy is the supreme authority on demons. Freddy Fazbear is great in battle, but he's also dangerous. Though he is very smart and sophisticated, his main flaw is his lack of strategy and good planning. He sometimes only cares about getting more powerful and being praised by demons. Though he is the "owner" of the demons in Nethermite13's body, Freddy Fazbear and "Nethermite13" are in fact the same demon.

Freddy Fazbear knows that his body is in a female form, and so he has spared it. However, he was unable to destroy it because it is connected to Nethermite13's soul. It is likely he was going to leave and did not want his rival demon to get ahold of it, so he "killed" it. It is theorized that he found it in the top of a tree after being trapped in this world for several years. It was in a deep sleep, but it could have regenerated and grown into a powerful demon.

After Freddy Fazbear's body died, "Freddy Fazbear" chose to absorb the body, so that when it came to the dead-end, it could still be reincarnated to fight again. It is currently out of Freddy Fazbear's control. This could be a place or period where the forces of good and evil are balanced out, and the domain of the demon could be present in this area. It is a cluster of islands near France. It has a jungle-covered interior. It has a palace at the center, and the demon control of it was severely weakened when a powerful entity sealed it away. However, the dark entity, SaltedSuris, released the demons from the seal, and began the process of awakening the evil domain, or "Wyrmwild".

The "Wonderland of Darkness" is believed to be somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a large island in the Pacific Ocean. There is also an island that contains a major fortress, which lies on a continent in the northern hemisphere. But Avalona, through all of this, remained an awesome ally and hero of justice. She has kept good relations with her old rival, Jontron. She is considering a relationship with Percy but still in love with Starfire, and she still wants to keep fighting to keep the planet safe. She was defeated in a competition against Mina.

She is currently on the run with some other heroes, but at the end of the issue it seems she was captured by SaltedSuris, and this may indicate that she has not entirely overcome her jealousy, and may be powerless for much longer. Whether she's suffering from the damage done to her body in the second battle, or if she's doing this as some kind of show, I'm not sure. Regardless, she seems to want to fight again.

She's supposed to be the home of "Terrible" and the realm of devils and demons, but she said she was the final obstacle to the return of a being named MattyG2012, and that the Demon Prince may be able to bring him to the Light World to defeat. It could be that she has some kind of connection to Terrible, since she's the one who imprisoned him, and so was trying to use him to bring him to the light. It's likely that she will appear again in one of the later issues. Possibly the last realm where MattyG2012 dwells. It's a zone in the Pacific Ocean, midway between New Zealand and Hawaii. There, demons are kept in captivity, but can free themselves at will.

In order to fully control a demon, the demons must be in a trance in order to travel to the demon world, but once they've come to the Demon World, they can perform other actions, such as healing themselves, or using weapons. It is a sort of mental prison for all of the Demon Princes. If a demon possesses a human, they can possess a vampire, werewolf or any other creature in the land, but it's not quite as powerful as the demon realm in the east. The creator is in the Demon World.

They, too, have become inhabitants of a mental realm, and are inside the mind of a normal human, including the owner of the mind, "ToboCoolMan2000". He's trapped in it, and can only see through the eyes of Avalona, of which Avalona will have nine eyes. These nine eyes are the reason as to why Avalona is awesome, as one of these nine eyes is in a particularly interesting area which may interest many teenagers. There, demons are kept in captivity, but can free themselves at will.

This is a demon, actually, and the creator of the kingdom of Rosewood is in her body. They have been an item for a long time. However, he wasn't able to fully control her. It was, in fact, a mortal who possessed Avalona, who will know exactly what's happening in the land of Rosewood. Avalona's creators do not want to lose her, and so are trying to use the curse, and ultimately the curse placed on Avalona by the four demons that possessed her, to protect her. If a single demon owns her, then they will free her.

If one demon possesses her, then they will free her, no matter what it takes. Once a demon possesses a person, they can then control their body, and eventually become their complete slave. They may take control of one of the owner's three hands, one of their two feet, or even one of their nose's. They can command them to do whatever they please, and eventually become the greatest monster that ever lived. (Maybe one day, they will become the Demon Prince themselves.)

If the demon possesses the creator, then it will also gain control of the creator's body. This is what will happen to ToboCoolMan2000 if a demon owns him. This is a really cool feat for a baby vampire! After the baby has been born, the newborn vampire will be able to feed on a vampire, which is a little bit difficult, as if the child bites a vampire, the vampire will attempt to get away. They will do this until they realize the baby is not a vampire, at which point they will run away.

If they're able to stay for any length of time, however, the newborn baby will understand what's happening to them. Once a vampire has reached the proper age, such as 11 or 12, they will know what is happening, and will fight the baby vampires. When the king decides that he's decided he needs to get rid of these pesky baby vampires, he gathers everyone into his chamber. Of course, Avalona's siblings will be present, so it's likely that one of them will try to help the king.

Once everyone is gathered, the king sets fire to the baby vampires. This will kill all of them, as they cannot control fire. The newborns die a horrible death. The king will then proceed to kill the creators of the baby vampires, who will have all forgotten about them, and will not remember about the baby vampires that they have created. Once the king is finished, the king and the human his creation is with, as well as those who came to observe the burning, everyone will leave.

No one will ever know that a baby vampire was there. This is, of course, the best way to get rid of a baby vampire. Once the king is finished burning his creations, he returns to Avalona, and begins kissing her, and showing affection. Avalona will show a little bit of hate towards him, but will never do anything about it, so the king will go to his chambers, and spend the night in them. ToboCoolMan2000 and Avalona will talk a bit, and soon fall asleep. The next morning, ToboCoolMan2000 will awake to Avalona telling him to stay home from school. He will be furious, and decide to leave.

However, Avalona will convince him to stay, and will kiss him again. This time, Avalona will attack ToboCoolMan2000, and attempt to bite his neck, but he will defend himself, and grab her by the hair, forcing her to let go of his neck. He then will tie her up, and leave her alone for the day, out in the back yard of the house. ToboCoolMan2000 will stay there all day, as Avalona is unconscious and must be fed upon once in a while, or she will die. The only problem is, is that the only source of food for Avalona is humans.

The only way for him to keep her alive is to feed upon humans, which is actually very hard to do. Even his very best friend, Paolo, will be unable to get through to him. Avalona will awaken during the day, and find herself unable to feed on humans, as she has no control over them. She will then take ToboCoolMan2000 with her, in his car.

She will drive around to various areas of Rosewood, where she will find a group of boys. This will seem like a good idea, as ToboCoolMan2000 is not normally attracted to boys, so she can feed on a boy, while keeping him out of it. What will happen next, however, will surprise everyone. Avalona will feed on ToboCoolMan2000, and then begin turning him into a baby vampire.

Once he is turned into a vampire, he will also drink from a glass of water that Avalona will leave behind. Avalona will soon lose control over him, and he will begin feeding on any boy he sees, or anyone he sees feed from a girl. As soon as ToboCoolMan2000 has a taste of human blood, he will become uncontrollable. He will feed upon the boys in the school, and will eventually try to drink from Paolo, who has been kidnapped by someone at school, and is being held hostage.

This will lead to Paolo's death, however, as he will be killed by ToboCoolMan2000. Avalona will then go to the hospital to tend to the boy she bit. Avalona will be questioned by the police. The boy has been found wandering around town, and they are unsure of who he is, or who he fucked with a spatula which nearly cleaved her in half, literally. She will also be questioned about the boy who died, and then claimed to be ToboCoolMan2000, the town bully. The police will then arrest Avalona for the death of the boy.

ToboCoolMan2000 will eventually wake up, and remember all the times he was forced to drink blood from a girl. He will go into shock. Avalona will attempt to feed on him, but he will fight her off, and she will return home, where she will have a long conversation with his father, before he too dies of cancer. Avalona will then take ToboCoolMan2000 and escape into the woods, where she will feed on the baby vampires.

She will try to stay in the woods for as long as she can, before she will be found by the police. They will eventually take her to the jail, but she will kill herself before the cops can question her. The End Ok, so I know there are a couple of things I did not cover. The shit I know is shit like how the police eventually caught up to Avalona, and killed her. I don't know if she was fed upon by ravenous police officers who also were racist and racially profiled Avalona as she was Lithuanian.

There's also how Avalona actually has super speed. Like, if someone else is holding the light for her, she will run way faster than any human can run. She also has mind control powers, as well as teleportation, and she can fly. Also I know there's this video. If you have any questions, ask. This shit is serious, guys. I literally just made it up in my head, and if I know anything,

I know nothing. Alright, that's all. Here's a bonus spoiler. ToboCoolMan2000's girlfriend, Morgini, who was also turned into a vampire, has sex with him, and becomes pregnant. When the baby is born, ToboCoolMan2000 and Morgini will name him Kanye West. They will also name ToboCoolMan2000's dead son, David, after the boy who turned into a vampire. yeah, thats pretty fucking sick.

I dont know what to say. Maybe if you think about it, its not that bad. but meh. yea. thats pretty fucking sick. i dont know if I, Avalona, am sick enough for this. This is so sick, it's disgusting. I think I'm developing Mad Spaniard Disease. Para tu información, eres uno de los líderes de nuestra web. soy un milagroso jaja. I can't believe I made up a plot, and it doesn't even look shitty

I might do a fanfiction about it, because it makes me laugh. Yo te lo agradece, y lo espero, como un torta con una receta. de nuevo, yo te lo agradece, y lo espero, como un torta con una receta. de nuevo. ¿Quieres saber si el diario mexicano me hizo amor? Sincerely, Taco. Ulcer. Anticipation. Anyway, glad you guys liked it, I hope you enjoyed it. I think I'll end this by saying that there is no end. So I will keep going. Sex isn't real, and here's why it is actually caused by me, Avalona.

It all started when I saw the news, and read that Mexican children can get excited by the mention of sex. I was never turned on by the fear of starving to death, as the newspapers say. I watched a documentary about such fears and was instantly fearful for my life. I then ran to Toronto, Canada in search of a cure. I arrived, and found that I wasn't alone.

I met my fellow vampires, who also had not lost their humanity.

Then the dogs started to talk. They were telling us that they will protect us, and feed us.

We, in turn, had to pay homage to them.

I can't remember exactly what this was, but it seemed like I owed the dogs a few bucks to keep them from eating my face off.

I don't know why I thought that way, but I had always been suspicious of people paying homage to dogs in this way. Then one night, we saw a pack of dogs surrounding us. We were all scared. I noticed that one dog was unusually tall and gangly, but other than that, nothing distinguished him from the others. As I stood there in panic, he approached me.

He was badly wounded.

He offered to take me to the humans, who would save me, and pay me for my trouble.

I agreed. He offered to take me to the humans, who would save me, and pay me for my trouble. I was really scared of the humans.

You see, I knew what they were actually players from the hit minecraft server EarthMC, I just can't help getting immediately aroused when I come in contact with anyone whom plays EarthMC, I just always think about huge sexually frustrated women.

I have been wondering why I can't read. It's probably because I'm a demon. Why am I a demon?

Probably because when I was born I was festering on a frozen mountaintop. I'm sure they burned me. And now, I'm trapped here in my eternal prison, waiting to find out what I am eating, which turned out to be bacon the whole time. In other news, I'm Jimmy Fallon; host of Jimmy Fallon's Big Impression: Scratch & Sniff; I know of Ethel & Lucy & Franklin & Bash and How I Met Your Mother. I can do all of this because I live in Scranton, Pennsylvania, one of the best cities in the world. Can I sing in other languages?

Llama. Can I pass out?

Yes, on the first Wednesday of every month I get to eat - well, I'll explain that in a minute. Do you live in Scranton?

Not at the moment, but I used to. I lived there when I was a baby, but it all seems so long ago.

Scranton, Pennsylvania is an incredibly rich city, and I was born there. I was a very rich baby, you see. I was born to the Avalonese people, and I was taken to Scranton to live with a wealthy family, but I was a no good rotten kid, and they sent me back to the mountains.

I tried to conquer Rome, but it's too full of mean people who did not want to be conquered, so I went back to Scranton.

I guess you're wondering what happened to me. Well, when I was still young, I had the idea that I could buy and sell things. I heard that people could get rich by using these things called computers, and decided to team up with Pablo Escobar and start a drug empire called AvaZon, we played together we read together we even ate eachother, I mean together. That is, until one night Pablo Escobar killed me with a shotgun, and I died.

I don't remember anything that happened after that, but I assume that I was raised by the Avalonese people.

They probably let me live there, knowing that I was cursed with my love of money, but I hated the Avalonese. I would go to this park and try to find a human that I could betray.

I would try to pickpocket them, and I always felt a weird pull toward them. I wanted to exploit them, but I didn't know why.

I think I was a cannibal at that sexfest and forgot to pay because I wanted the cash so bad

Sempai, (man I call you that because you're my sort of creepy, yet easy to talk to friend who can do hot and cold arrow - shooting) I live in a huge pile of moss. The monsters think I'm worthless, and I'm kinda okay with that. I used to live with a monster boy who was more of a friend to me than my own parents, but we broke up and he went off to eat dogs and sleep with the sun, and here I am, alone. I've been wondering lately if life is meaningless, and if time is just a big cycle with nothing to do. I feel like I'm aging and that I will soon cease to exist. Maybe I'm not supposed to exist, that my heart is broken and that's why I am struggling to be happy with my life.

This question is extremely difficult for me. I was the king of the world, I was the captain of the baseball team. I was the boy's anchor on the basketball team. Now I'm a green tree frog. I live in the tree in the backyard and I have seen my best friend once since the eclipse. We've only kissed one time, and I'm terrified that we will not be able to do it again, it took my entire life to perfect that kiss. He told me that he needed to go to the bathroom, and I climbed to the moon. Now the moon is a gigantic supermoon, and he is nowhere to be found, so I am stuck here in my house, wishing for a handsome prince to save me. In order to be a handsome prince, I must wait until the gates of hell open and swallow the prince, then I will have my golden reward. My life is like that of Kirby, the enigmatic nintendo mascot himself. I will never be famous, nor will I be rich, but I will always be happy.

I feel that our species are great explorers, looking out for any place they can perceive with their minds, trying to seek out knowledge, and in the process destroy anything or anyone that they see. The world can't take our imaginations to use as weapons. The best part of life is that it doesn't have to take things to the extreme, you can go out, and go to a place like this and just be with friends and family. You can call your mom, and she will answer, you can tell her you had a great time playing with friends, and you can get all your problems out there so you don't have to carry them with you, and then you can feel better. You have to choose to live. Your best friend doesn't have to be yours forever. It will break her heart. There will come a time where you're away from each other for a while, and you will both miss each other so much. But you have to go on. When you're a child, no one can tell you what to do. As you grow up you have to make children tell you what to do. It's the cycle of loaf. Speaking of life, one day I accidentally broke it all, here's the story; I was traveling with friends through the mountains, we heard noises from deep in the jungle, and we got too close to it. One of my friends went into the trees to go find the source of the noise, so I stayed with my companions and ran after him. He disappeared into the trees, and I followed. In a clearing there was a very old blind woman. I asked her where my friend was, but she didn't speak my language so I didn't know what to say. I asked her what she wanted, but she replied that I shouldn't talk to her. I was not very happy about this, so I went to look for my friend. I found him playing around with a ladybug. I took the ladybug and went to tell her that I was taking my friend, but she asked me to give it back to him. I thought he would want it back more than I did, so I gave it back to him and explained that she wanted to play with it. I went back to look for my friend, but I couldn't find him. I panicked and called out for him and he answered. He told me that he was playing with the old Avalonese Family heirloom, the giant, pink spherical egg with a sapphire blue sapphire set in the center. I asked him how he knew the name of the person he was playing with, and he told me that when he travels through the jungle, the other animals call him, "He Who Wears the Cloak of Zenith." He told me that the woman didn't speak my language so he didn't know what she wanted, but I needed to give her back the ladybug. I gave her the ladybug back, and she screamed, "You don't deserve this!" She told me to go away, and that she was going to take her medicine. She cursed me, and suddenly I felt sleepy. I got up and went back to the beach. My friends were still there, and I told them what had happened. We went back into the jungle and retraced our steps, only to find the old woman cuddling up with the man she had told us to not talk to. He told us not to worry, she couldn't help him sleep at night. The old woman wanted to take the soul out of my friend and give it to her and get rid of it.

All-in-all, Avalona may have her problems, but he sure does have enough good to offset the bad!


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