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Profile Information
Aliases Awers, Awers97
Nation Germany/Spanish Sahara
Town Schwerin(Owner and founder), Moved to Disneyland at end of his life
Towny Rank None
Occupation Former Politician,Former founder and Mayor of Schwerin,
Organization None
Political Party None
Clan None
Religion Protestant
Spouse(s) Engaged to Angelstorm2912(29.10.2019-4th february 2020)
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 9th march 2019
Place of Spawn Somewhere in Asia
Physical Information
Nationality RussianGerman.png German-Russian
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type 0RH-
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 180 CM
Weight 80 KG
Status Information
Status Not active/Dead(Suicide IG)
Server Role None
Date of Ban
Nation History
Kievan_Rus ==> Kaiserreich ==> Denmark ==> German Empire(Kaiserreich) > Nazi_Germany/HRE > Germany

Sergey Heinrich Vladimirovich Chernenko Ebert - Awers97

Awers joined EMC 9th march 2019 first he wanted to re-create Viciebsk in Minskan-Rus and ScaryDragon promised him to fund him a city, but nothing happened So he went to Kaiserreich where he creates city of Cottbus very close to Wroclaw, After some cries from polish citizens from Wroclaw admin rolled back Cottbus and given Awers gold enough for 1 claim when he had 4 already. Then the city was moved to South Western Keisserreich and named Schwerin(Rostock till 17th September 2019). He became very active in his new nation he was aided to the Kingdom of Italy involved in the siege of Florentina where the Kingdom Of Italy occupied Roman_Republic's town (Florentina) and had big afford in German War by stealing horses with success from Dick(Deutschland) and defending Berlin, he also accepted Hamburg to German Empire and with that finished annexing of Schleswig-Holstein. He is the creator of U-Bahn which connects Rostock with Berlin, Hamburg, and Copenhagen(that part was built by Alek_b) and for all merits, he was crowned to Prinz(prince). On the 15th June 2019, he retired as mayor of Schwerin but came back 1st July.

After the comeback era:

1st July 2019 Awers decide to come back but he gave mayor to a guy who is inactive so he is waiting to get his town back and get the power back.

== The End

== He officially left server 4th february 2020 after nearly a year on server.