Az_Zarqa City (Umayyad Caliphate)

UN Paki flag

Coat of arms of Az_Zarqa

Umayyed Caliphate


Az_Zarqa City (In Arabic :مدينة الزرقاء) Is a city located Meddle east (Eastern Umayyad Caliphate) ,It is considered one of the cities that established the Umayyad caliphate,The Name come from word (Za~r-ki) meaning "Place of water"

The city growing now and it looks like need residents ,to now The popularity there is only 1 and The one considers as Calipha in The Caliphate

Annotation 2020-01-31 020539

Blue Retured To Az_Zarqa'Yellow Returned To The Capital Of Umayyad Caliphate Palestine ('Ramallah).


XxKilleronxX :The Creator of the city and the Owner and the Calipha up to now .

The Future of the City:


The 2020 Vision Of Zarqa_Emirate

The City wants to take over natural borders .


Rotana Tower (Under establishing)


Project Desert planting (Shajaria Pro.)Related to transform desert


Flag tower in DownTown (Under establishing

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