BBKChicken (also known as BBK) is a French-speaking personality living in the town he created in Franche-Comté.

He spawned in Siberia, then reached a town in Angola, before walking to France. It was then that he saw an ice road, indicating France, he would take the initiative to make ice roads. and also to found BBK Infrastructure

In France, he spent a week without a town, before entering the city of Lorient. 

He made his fortune by plundering abandoned towns, he has an impressive number of resources for such a small town. He often sells his resources with the famous phrase: ✪ I SELL ✪ [resource] ✪ for x gold ✪

On 22 December 2019, he created Franche-Comté. (a town based on the Franche-Comté region).

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