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Royal Baltic States Space Agency (pl. Królewska Agencja Kosmiczna Państw Bałtyckich) / full name: Royal National Space Agency of Kingdom Of Land of Baltic States - space agency created by Kingdom of Baltic States.



One day PolishGamerYT looked on the minecraft sky and he got an idea - to step on minecraft moon (Luna on EMC).

When he created nation he finally founded BSSA.


italic writing - no longer in use

Rocket: Baltic I, Luna I, Baltic Challenger, Ariane I, Ariane Heavy

Space shuttle: Union I

Space station: Neptune I (NNSS - National Neptune Space Station)

Space suit: AVA I, AVA II

Launch spots

International Coasteria Space Center (ICSC)

Biggest in Europe space center

It has 1 rocket launching spot and around 30 smaller pads for tests e.t.c.

Cosmodrome Capital

No longer in use, first cosmodrome of BSSA

BSSA companies

IESEC (reference to Issac Newton) - International EarthMC Space Exploration Company

ISPP - International Space Protection Program


Join BSSA today! Became astronaut and fly to stars

How to apply?

Join BSSA discord and to channel #apply-for-astronaut. Its very easy!


Curiosity: You know that on picture above its not Fuze. Its astronaut walking and jumping on Luna



On 1 May 2020 BSSA send satelite "Baltica" to take first colored photo of Terra. (as it turned out later, the Kazakhstan program took a colorful photo and did not publish it). This satelite still orbits around The Planet. Ended 17 may 2020 by de-orbiting satelite. Remains fell to baltic sea



Point of mission is to build (already built) space station Neptune I

Actually when BSSA launched IESEC Station Neptune became INSS (International Neptune Space Station)


Program started 13.05.2020

Plan is to reach minecraft space (y 512 block), send satelite and player on Luna

Program logo:



Mission Baltica

Original "Blue Marble"

Terra with atmosphere

GIFs: (uploaded on Tenor GIF, sorry for bad resolution)

GIF of Blue Marble

GIF of Terra with Atmosphere (day and night)

GIF of Terra centered on Sealandria (last gif of mission Baltica)

Un-published materials:

Centered on North Pole

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