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Bahariya is a little town of the nation Ancient Egypt.

The town is located under a pyramid at the right of Osiris (Capital of Ancient Egypt), this pyramid is an Ancient Egyptian heritage. The town is directed by M4GM4 and his councillor ImNotYoursStars. There is a shop owned by ZaDark16. It will be one of the most protected town when the war plugin will come out. An ice road station and a subway for Toutankâmon are currently under construction.



North-East Africa

Ancient Egypt territory

5076 -5456


Town member:

M4GM4 (Mayor)

ImNotYoursStars (Councillor)

MasterJumper67 (Resident)

MysteriousK_Fan (Resident)

MK_MysteriousK (Resident)

DarkStarOrion (Resident)