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Bandung (also known as "Coordinates 0,0") was the capital city of the nation of Indonesia, located in the Western part of the island of Java. It was the second biggest town in Java (after Wilwatikta, Capital of Majapahit) and the biggest in West Java.

It was founded by Tobias "Toby" Larone (TobyLaroned), an explorer of Indonesian descent as well as 3 of his followers; a writer and philosopher named Dr. Santos Muhammad Nickers (saintnickers), former dog-of-war Christian the Twelfth (Crys12) and e-boy HydraMPW. The founders of Bandung were all (actually) Indonesian, which appears to be a surprisingly rare trait on the archipelago.

Bandung was founded on January of 2020 on the coast of South-West Java. It was founded on the ruins of an ancient Majapahit Temple dedicated to the God of destruction known as the "Dajal". It developed into a thriving agricultural settlement and the largest producer of smooth-stone in the region.

Unlike most cities, Bandung had extensive defensive systems that prevents it from being easily raided.

In June of 2020, Bandung was made into the capital of the Republic of Indonesia after the owner of the previous capital city (Makassar) abandoned the city and relinquished controls to the Bandung government.

At around July 2020, the town was found abandoned by its owners. This is presumably to have been caused by a massive plague that infected the livelihoods of the owners. However, it is yet still rumored that many artifacts and secrets still lie behind its mysterious iron vaults.


Dream of Exploration

In Early January of 2020 after a series of expeditions documenting a city that was destroyed during the Chinese civil war in Northern China, Toby Larone sought an expedition into the former Majapahit controlled Island of Java where tales of abandoned cities and monasteries are abundant. Most notable of them being the lost ancient city of Bandung.

However, this trip is not without any series of misfortunes. For one, even before reaching the port of Pyongyang, Christian suffered a bout of stroke and thus exposing the travelling team to steppe raiders. The team managed to outrun and outmaneuver them in thick bushes of the Chinese heartlands. Unfortunately after crossing the straits of Okinawa, the team was attacked again; this time by Filipino pirates.

It is here that an event that could only be explained as an act of God himself happened in which Toby Larone's boat was plunged into the ocean, yet he himself was unharmed. He then used this opportunity to escape the pirate's wrath. (His boat lagged out and he was stuck underwater but still able to go forward whilst breathing, allowing him to continue travelling whilst being out of sight of the map).

Later when the expedition arrived on the shores of Borneo, they were overcame by a sense of unfounded nostalgia and longing of their lost homeland. This proved detrimental as a reality breaking storm disconnected Toby Larone, causing them to be marooned.

Eventually after regrouping at the Northern Shore of Java, the team trekked to the Southern Coast with hopes to find the lost city of Bandung. What they found instead, was an arcane temple dedicated to the Majapahit God of destruction, the "Dajal". The temple however had a strange allure to it, as after they arrived the series of calamities that have plagued them since the start of their journey had ceased. Under Toby Larone's direction, the expedition decided to settle in the area and named it after the still-lost mythical city of (old) Bandung.

Fall of Bandung

The town started its stagnation period during mid 2020 due to the growing inactivity of its founding fathers. This lead to its inability to expand its borders and depriving it from the much needed manpower to finish any large scale projects. This inevitably lead to its downfall since it cannot continue to make profits from its manufacturing business.

Tomb of TobyLaroned, the last Bandung seat of power



The overall design of the town mostly takes inspirations from traditional Sundanese temples and architecture. It also features some aspects from other sources such as Kurtz's camp from the 1979 movie "Apocalypse Now".

Notable Buildings

  • Temple of the Dajal

    Temple of the Dajal

  • Bandung Terrace Farms

    Bandung Terrace Farms at night

  • Great Sunda Forgeries
  • Tomb of Bandung Founders


  • "Dajal Sudah Datang" (Town Motto)
  • "Our ambitions cannot be stopped!"
  • "The Inviolable - Inalienable - Unchangeable"
  • "Show strength where you are weak; where strong, feign weakness"

Notable People

  • TobyLaroned
    • Founder and last Governor of Bandung.
  • saintnickers
    • Minister of the Interior and architecture.
  • Crys12 (on leave)
    • Head of the Sunda Security and Defense Force (SSDF) and Bandung-Chinese translator.
  • HydraMPW (on leave)
    • Head of culture and economics.

      Bandung (center) as seen from the map as of 8th March 2020.



Conan The Barbarian - The Atlantean Sword (1982 HD)

TobyLaroned's discovery of the ancient sword of Simplandia in the lost tomb of a Majapahit General.

First conference of Bandung.